Zahra Mohagheghian

تعداد بازدید:۱۹۰۲


بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


Zahra Mohagheghian

Assistant professor of of Qur'anic Studies

Institute for humanities and cultural studies,

Iran- Tehran




Educational specification:

  • PhD, Quranic studies, University of Iran: 2015.
  • M.A, Quranic studies, University of  Iran: 2009.






  • Hope in the Qur'an: How to create and increase. Qum, Iran (Baqer ul-ulum Research Center (AS)). 2017.  
  • Contemporary Encyclopedia of the Holy Qur'an. Qum, Iran . 2017.



  • "The daughters of Allah": Historical Reconstruction in the Qur’anic Revelation. Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies. Tehran (2019 up to now).
  • Sex and sexuality in the Qur'an: An Analysis of the Archetype. Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies. Tehran (2017- 2018).
  •  The effects of hope promoting interventions based on religious believes on the quality of life of patients with Congestive Heart Failure patients and their families. University of Esfahan - National Elite Foundation of Iran (2016).





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