First International Conference  Iranian Studies in the Word

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First International Conference
 Iranian Studies in the Word

Conference Purposes:

- Finding the latest research achievements of Iranian studies and Persian language and literature scholars and researchers.

- Establishing more scientific connection between Iranian studies and Persian language and literature scholars and researchers
- Identifying and finding the best projects and researches in the field of Iranian studies and supporting them
- Presenting Iranian studies and Persian language Departments in the World and their scientific activities
- Inspiring and motivating young researchers
Conference Topics:
1. Departments of Iranian studies in universities and scientific institutions
- Curriculums and educational programs
- Scientific collaborations of Iranian universities and scientific institutions with Departments of Iranian Studies
2. Persian language and literature, literary criticism and comparative literature
- Classical literature
- Contemporary literature
- Mysticism and Sufism
- Poets, writers and thinkers in the light of comparative literature
3. Iranian history and civilization in Iranian studies
- History of ancient Iran
- Iranian history after Islam
- Iranian culture and traditions
- Anthropology and popular culture
4. Iranian Studies scholars and Iranian studies schools in the world
- Life and works of prominent Iranian studies scholars
- Introduction and critique of Iranian studies schools
- Critique and analysis of Iranian studies
- Iranian Studies scholars and the establishment of new studies in Iran
- Expansion of Iranian studies and scientific collaborations between Iranian researchers and experts around the world
5. Archaeology and Iranian studies
6. Iranian languages
7. Iranian art
8. Persian documents and manuscripts
- Persian documents and manuscripts in prestigious libraries around the world
- Iranian studies scholars and Persian manuscripts
9. Translation and Iranian studies
10. Perspectives of Iranian studies
- Futures studies in Iranian studies
- New fields of study in Iranian studies
- New technologies and Iranian studies
Conference days: 20 - 22 October 2021
1- Center for Iran, the Balkans and Central European Studies (IBCE)
2- Deputy for Expansion of Persian Language and Iranian studies abroad, Center for International Scientific Cooperation, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I. R. Iran
3- University of Guilan
4- Allameh Tabataba’i University
5- Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
6- Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski’’
7- Department of Iranian Studies, University Of Warsaw
8- Faculty of Oriental Studies University of Warsaw
In Cooperation with:
Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan (ASA)
Ilia State University
Yerevan State University
Farabi International Award
Iranian Society of History
Iran Academy of literary criticism

Scientific secretaries of the conference:

- PROF. DR.IVO PANOV- Iranian studies scholar and professor of Persian language and literature, faculty member and director of the Center for Oriental Languages and Cultures at Sofia University

- DR. BAHADOR BAGHERI- PhD in Persian Language and Literature from Tarbiat Modares University and a member of the faculty of Kharazmi University

Executive Secretaries of the conference

- DR. ABBAS PANAHI- He is an associate professor of history at the Research Institute of Guilan studies at the University of Guilan

- DR. ALIREZA POURMOHAMMAD- Director of the Center for Iranian, Balkan and Central European Studies (IBCE).


Conference Secretariat:
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