Imam Ali Research Center



Imam Ali Research Center was established in June 2001, following the approval of the Council for the Development of Higher Education.


  • Performing research on different aspects of the theoretical and practical conduct of Imam Ali;
  • Presenting the theoretical and practical conduct of Imam Ali to the world in order to get closer to the Alavi community.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • In a problem oriented and social need based approach, research projects both inside and outside the country are surveyed and analyzed in the scientific Council of Imam Ali Research Center in order to introduce different dimensions of the personality and conduct of Imam Ali. Thus the projects that meet the scientific and research requirements are identified and manuscripts and theses related to Imam Ali are collected and supported.
  • Supporting  MA and PhD theses related to Imam Ali that are approved by the Scientific Council of the Center;
  • Establishing a comprehensive database, named Database of Imam Ali Researchers;
  • Establishing a section for MA and PhD theses which researched on Imam Ali;
  • Creating an audio-visual archive of material related to Imam Ali;
  • Collecting the manuscripts related to Imam Ali;
  • Holding three workshops and more than 60 specialized scientific meetings;
  • Holding more than 12 national and international congresses and conferences;
  • Publishing twenty books on Imam Ali;
  • Publishing the scientific-research quarterly Pajouheshnameh-e Alavi (Alavi Journal).
Last Update At : 04 February 2018