Hourieh Ahadi



First name: Hourieh

Surname: Ahadi

Birth date: 29/01/1979

Place of birth: Tehran

Marital status: Married with two children

Nationality: Iranian

Academic position: associate professor

Work address: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies

Telephone: +98-21-88036381

Fax: +98-21-88036381

E-mail: h.ahadi@ihcs.ac.ir, hourieha@yahoo.com

Second language: English

Educatinal and professional qualifications

  • 1999-2003, BA, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
  • 2004-2007, MS, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
  • 2009-2013, PHD, Payame noor University,Tehran, Iran


  • Linguistic Society
  • Speech and Language Society

Reviewer of journal

  • Modern Rehabilitation
  • Language Related Research
  • Journal of Language Research
  • Social Linguistics
  • Language and cognition
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Iranian Rehabilitation Journal
  • Rehabilitation
  • Koomesh
  • Motaleate-ghorani
  • Middle east journal of rehabilitation and health
  • Pazand

research projects

  • An introductory to clinical Linguistics
  • Explaining the language differences between Persian children with language impairment and mental retardation in Tehran
  • Study of correlation between emotional dimensions of words and lexical-semantic components in Persian language (project partner)
  • Investigating the relation between syntax characteristics of children with autism and its relation with theory of mind
  • Literature review of Psycholinguistics in Persian Language
  • Adaptation and validation of a specific language disorder developmental test to assess the severity of language disorders in Iranian children aged 3 to 7 years (project partner)


  • Editorial style course
  • Basic and Advanced SPSS Course
  • 4-Translation Training Course
  • 3.Qualitative research methodology
  • 4.How to search and use free web resources
  • 5. Initial treatment interventions in autism and acquired language disorders
  • 6.Perceptual and objective evaluation of voice
  • 7.LaTeX practical training
  • 8.New Approaches to Public Relations
  • 9.Familiarity with the Academic Membership Upgrade Order
  • 10. Python programming language
  • 11. Preparing news

work experiences

  • Activities in Establishing a Scientific Student Association for Speech Pathology in the Faculty of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  •  Member of Staff and Executive Committee of the Research Week in 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Director of Public Relationsin the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies since 2015
  • Cultural Deputy of Basij in the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies since 2015-2019
  • Member of the Technology and Communications Council of the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • Representative of the institute with the international university of Imam Khomeini in Qazvin
  • Director of Public Relations in Imam Ali Study and

educational experience

  • Activities in the Nava Science and Student Society in Speech Therapy in 2001
  • Cooperation with Tehran University of Medical Sciences since 2006 and supervising students
  • Cooperation with the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences from 2006 to 2008,  as a supervisor of students
  • Cooperation with Islamic Azad University from 2006 to 2011
  • Activity as a Speech Therapist in Agahan Consultation Center since 2006
  • Activities in the language and speech pathology group of Rafideh Hospital in 2006

Teaching Experience

  •  Teaching “psycholinguistics” and “Linguistics introduction”to the master's students of  linguistics from the spring of 2013in the Institute  for Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • Teaching “speech disorders”, “exceptional children's education”, “learning disabilities”, “Specialty English” and “general psychology” at Islamic Azad University since 2006
  • Teaching “Fields of Application of Psychology in Persian Language teaching”, “Psychology of Reading and Writing”, and “Diagnosing Reading and Writing Disorders” in Postgraduate School of Payame Noor University

Committees, Boards, Consultations

  • Linguist consultant of research projects, Semnan University
  • Counseling for doctoral dissertations of linguistics, Payame Noor University
  • Guidance for graduate theses and doctoral dissertations of linguistics, the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • External examiner of Ph. D thesis, Iran University of Medical Sciences
  • External examiner of M. A. thesis, Payame NoorUniversity
  • External examiner of M. A. thesis, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies


  • Rate of Speech and Reading in Second and Fifth Grade Primary Students in Tehran, Audiology, 2006;15(2):30-37
  • The comparison of stuttering patterns in function and content words between child and adult farsi speakers, Advances in cognitive Science, 2007; 9(3): 45 - 51.
  • A comparative study of diadochokinesis and the rate of reading and speech in second grade primary school students of Tehran, Audiology, 2009;18(1-2):63-69
  • A Comparitive study of Diadochokinesis and the rate of reading and speech in normal students of Tehran city, Journal of Modern Rehabilitation,2010, 4(1 And 2): 16-21
  • Specific language impairment, pazand, 2012; 8(29):5-23
  • Comparison of word definition skills between children with specific language impairment and normal children in Persian-Azeri bilinguals,Language and Linguistics, 2013;9(17):27-47
  • The perception and expression of verb morphology in bilinguals with specific language impairment,audiology; 2014, 23(1): 62-69
  • Persian affective words list,
  • Persian norms for affective dimensions and lexicosemantic features of words, Koomesh, 2015, 17 (1):60 – 76
  • Main Approaches in Teaching Reading and their Role in "Modern Teaching of Persian Language, Journal of Linguistics &Khorasan Dialects Biannual,2015, 7(2): 61-89
  • Phonological awareness, working memory and reading comprehension in deaf children, Koomesh, 2015, 16 (2): 128-135
  • Pattern of syntactic profile in children with autism: A Study on the Relation between reception and expression of syntax,Journal of Modern Rehabilitation 2016; 10(3): 98-103
  • Analyzing the comprehension of active and passive structures in Persian autistic children,Language and Linguistics, 2016; 11( 22): 77-100
  • Correlation between phonological working memory, phonological awareness and language proficiency in Tehran preschoolers,Koomesh, 2016, 17 (3): 620-626
  • Proposed Hypothesis in the field of Specific Language Impairment,
  • Showing Bidirectional approach in Clinical Linguistics with language impairment,Zabanshenakht, 2016; 6(12): 1-13
  • Pragmatic and Grammatical Properties in Language Impairment: A Window onto Domain Specificity, Language Related Research2016, 7(4): 1-21
  • Research Priority of Clinical Linguistics in Iran,Middle East Journal of Rehabilitation and Health. 2016; 3(2):e31491
  • Specific language impairment, pazand, 2016; 12(46-47):5-23
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  • Comparing expressive grammar in children with autism and typically developing children, Language Related Research,2017, 8 (3): 293- 316
  • Effect of age, gender and task on speech rate of Farsi speakers, Koomesh, Spring 2017, 19 (2): 327-332
  • Persian Phonological Awareness Tests: A Comparative Analysis, Iranian Rehabilitation Journal, 2018, 16(3): 255-264
  • Phonological processes after cochlear implantation: A Case ‎Study of Speech in Persian-speaking Students in Primary ‎Schools, Language & Linguistics, 2018,14(28): 147-162
  • The relation between phonological awareness and reading in Persian children with autism, Language Related Research, 2019, 10(1): 73-97
  • Investigating Syntax Comprehension in Persian-speaking Children With Autism, Iranian Rehabilitation Journal, 2019, 17(3): 187-196
  • The Comparison of Language Development and Lexical Awareness Indexes in Bilingual (Azeri- Persian) Hard of Hearing and Normal Children, Paramedical Sciences & Rehabilitation, Spring 2020, 9 (1): 41-51
  • The Relationship between Mean Length of utterance (MLU), Lexical Richness and syntactical and lexical metalinguistic Awareness in Bilingual (Azari-Persian) normal and hearing impaired Children, Journal of exceptional children, 2020, 19(4):105-118
  • A Study of Word Reading in Persian-speaking children with dyslexia and Normal ones,  Modern Rehabilitation Journal (2020)
  • The relationship between reading skills and syntactic and lexical abilities in dyslexic and normal Persian-speaking children, Journal of Language Research (2020)


  • Translation of the “Dyslexia: A beginner ΄s Guide”
  • Translation of the “Psycholinguistics 101”
  • Author of "Specific Language Disorder: From Theory to Treatment"

Participation in national and international congresses

  • Participating in Speech Therapy Congress in 2000
  • The presentation of the article at the Iranian Congress of Medical Sciences, January 2006
  • Participation in the one-day seminar "Educational methods for hearing impaired children" University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, March 2006
  •  Participation in the Congress on "The Natural Evolution of the Child, Prevention and Care - A New Look", March 2006 at the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences
  •  Participation in a three-day teacher training workshopin the Speech Therapy Department of Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Participation in the 8th Speech Therapy Conference in Iran University of Medical Sciences in February 2006
  • Presentation of the article at the 8th Speech Therapy Conference in Iran University of Medical Sciences
  •  Attending the 9th Iranian Speech Therapy Conference in February 2009
  • Participation in the Symposium on Early Intervention in the Treatment of Children's Swallowing and Nutrition Disorders in 2009
  • Participation in the first national festival of critique of texts and books of the humanities, December 2011
  • Participating and presenting articles at the 12th Conference of Speech Therapy, March 2013,
  • Participation in the Cognitive Semantics Conference, December 2016
  • Participation in the first National Festival of Critique of Humanities Texts and Books, December 2017
  • Participation in the 17th International Congress of Speech Therapy in May 2017

Local lectures

  • Clinical linguistics and specific language impairment
  • Linguistics in speech and language pathology
  • Usage of Chomsky's syntactic theory  in language disorders
  • Reading and its cognitive and linguistic components
  • Investigating the language characteristics of children with autism
  • The Importance and Functions of  Public Relations
  • Understanding and evaluating phonological awareness in dyslexia
  • Dyslexia in children
  • Language in the Real World
  • Linguistic and Metalinguistic skills in hearing impaired bilingual children


  • Psychology and Neurology of the language (understanding and expression) 
  • Acquired speech and language disorders 
  • Identifying and using mental capacities
  • Familiarity with theories and tests of linguistic development 
  • Special language impairment: Symptoms and evaluation methods
  • Reporting  and writing 

Grants and Awards

  • Superior researcher, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies,2015
  • Superior researcher, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies,2016
  •  Superior researcher, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies,2017
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