Publication Center


The Publication Center of the Institute aims at producing and distributing publications of different scholars. So far, more than 1,000 books have been published, some of which are among important references in humanities and are used in research and education of humanities in Iran and other countries. The Publication Center of the Institute publishes research studies by the Institute’s scholars and other scientists of humanities in the country based on  the permission of  the Council for Publishing. Due to the extent of activities of the Institute in different disciplines of humanities and the necessity of paving the way for developing, sharing and promoting knowledge at public and professional levels, the Institute has published scientific-promotional journals in addition to books. These journals are as follows:

  • Contemporary Persian Literature: contemporary literary studies, research on contemporary poetry and prose, including fiction, poetry and satire, literary theory and comparative literature in relation to the contemporary world.
  • Prospects of Islamic Civilization: in Arabic about Islamic sciences such as theology, jurisprudence and Islamic history.
  • Economy and Modern Business: research and theoretical and practical studies on different aspects of national, regional and international economy.
  • Comparative Economics: the study and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of existing literature, and expanding the frontiers of knowledge in two fields of conventional economy (the mainstream economics) and non-conventional economy.
  • Critical Texts Journal and Humanities Programs: a critical study of the sources of educational and research programs and methods of conducting humanities programs.
  • Journal of Women: research on politics, culture and economy with a focus on the status of women.
  • Alavi Journal: research on ideas and conduct of Imam Ali.
  • Journal of Social and Economic History: research on all aspects of social and economic life of Iranians throughout the Iranian history.
  • Journal of Science and Religion: research on areas related to science and religion.
  • Social History Research: research on social issues from a historical perspective.
  • Thinking and Children: research related to contemplation and creativity in children.
  • Cultural Societal Studies: research in sociology, anthropology and social psychology with a cultural approach.
  • Historical Discussions: research on Iranian history with a focus on cultural history.
  • Contemporary Political Discussions: research on theoretical and practical policy and political thought in Islam.
  • Contemporary Hikmah: research on philosophy, theology and contemporary Islamic mysticism.
  • Linguistics: research on historical and general linguistics.
  • Fundamental Occidentalism: research on the basic subjects of  western philosophy.
  • Philosophy of Science: studies on the philosophy of science with an emphasis on the theoretical foundations of science in Iran.
  • Journal of Old Persian Literature: research on texts of classical poetry and prose, correction of texts, literary criticism.
  • Interdisciplinary studies in media and culture: research on the role of media in creating culture and mutual interaction.
  • Studies of Logic: research on topics of classical logic, new logic, philosophy of logic, and comparative logic.
Last Update At : 04 February 2018