Comprehensive Portal of the Humanities


The Comprehensive Portal of Humanities was launched more than five years ago with the purpose of establishing research justice. This portal offers electronic versions of articles in humanities and Islamic sciences for free so that all researchers around the world can easily search, view and access free electronic versions of Persian articles, which are categorized according to their subjects.

What makes the Comprehensive Portal of Humanities ( distinguished from other similar databases is the availability of classified subjects and articles and their accessibility by search and reference to special pages of journals.

All the articles available on the portal have been classified by experts in various fields of humanities and Islamic sciences based on the content of the work, in more than 3,200 areas of specialized sub-fields of literature, economics, history, physical education, geography, law, psychology, linguistics, social sciences and communications, political sciences and international relations, library sciences, philosophy and logic, management, accounting, women's studies and arts.

The Comprehensive Portal of Humanities has been in charge of different issues of more than 1150 journals in different fields of humanities and Islamic sciences. In addition to journals of the day, some historical, scientific and literary publications, published since 1921, have been scanned and made available. Moreover the works of 150000 authors have been registered in the portal with each author having a specific page with internet access.

Comprehensive Portal of Humanities in 2016

The Comprehensive Portal of Humanities, in line with its activities to provide the electronic versions of scientific and research based articles in humanities and Islamic sciences published in academic  journals, has indexed and loaded new articles and registered new publications, since 2016 and has started to prepare the documentation for software changes and adding new features to portal.

Updating the Journals

Since 2016 more than 6500 full-text articles and 780 issues of more than 320 scientific publications have been indexed in the portal;

Registering New Journals in the Portal

This year 22 new publications have been added to the portal: Journal of Russian Language and Literature, The Ideas of Allameh Tabatabaei, SirajMunir, The Economy of Natural Resources, Policymaking for Economic Progress, Studies on Islamic History, Applied Meteorology, Geographical Security, Positive Psychology, Teaching and Learning Technology, Research on Nations, Study of the State, Asset Management and Financing, New History, Message of intellectuals, Sustainable City, Protection of Women's Rights, Management, Language and Linguistics, Ayatollah Boostan , Islamic Law and Jurisprudence.

Portal Visits

Since the beginning of 2016, more than 3 million and 400 thousand visitors from 150 countries visited the Comprehensive Portal of Humanities and received more than 3.5 million full-text data from the portal. In this period, the portal had 22 thousand visitors per day.

The Comprehensive Portal of Humanities has tried to update the existing publications at regular intervals. However, there are publications from which the Portal has not received  update permissions.

The Comprehensive Portal of Humanities invites all professors and researchers who are connected to different publications in the humanities and Islamic sciences and who witness  lack of certain publications in the portal, to communicate with the portal and the owners of publications to provide chances for cooperation and inclusion of works in the portal.

Libraries of the Institute

The Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies has four libraries in various fields of humanities, namely: "Central Library", "Minovi Library", "Library of Imam Ali Research Center" and "Library of Asian Cultural Documentation Center".

Last Update At : 25 April 2023