Political Theorization and International Relations



The Faculty of Political Theorization and International Relations was initially established under the title of Islamic Political Research Department in 1997. Currently, this Faculty consists of three departments of Theoretical Studies of Policy, Applied Studies of Politics and Studies of International Relations. It has 11 faculty members and two administrative experts.


  • Conducting Research on ideas, theories and views of the Islamic and non-Islamic scholars about the origin, nature and purpose of the state;
  • Conducting research on political thoughts of the West and the political ideas of Islam;
  • Conducting studies on the application of ideas and common theories in political science;
  • Evaluating new developments in power in the international arena;
  • Evaluating opportunities and challenges facing the Islamic Republic of Iran;
  • The future of research on regional and international developments;
  • Monitoring and studying developments in the Middle East and the Muslim world;
  • Studying the contemporary Islamist movements and currents.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • Conducting research projects;
  • Holding more than 50 meetings on "The Political System of Islam";
  • Holding specialized meetings on "Resistance, Awakening and Islamic Union";
  • Holding more than 10 specialized conferences on "Environment (Studies on the Theoretical bases and Environmental Crisis)";
  • Holding "Lectures on the Imposed Iran and Iraq War"
Last Update At : 04 February 2018