Occidentalism and Studies of Science



Faculty of Occidentalism and Scientific studies was established in the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies by merging two former departments of Occidentalism in one hand and Science and Religion on the other hand. This faculty has 10 members, including seven faculty members and three research experts in three departments of History and Civilization of the West, Philosophy of Science and Technology, and History of Science and Civilization.


  • Criticizing and evaluating the comprehension of philosophy, science and technology in the Western civilization;
  • Understanding the potential relationship between the philosophy, science and technology of the West and culture, society and religion in contemporary Iran;
  •  Research on the theoretical foundations of Western culture and civilization, past and present;
  • Interdisciplinary studies of sociology, psychology, anthropological philosophy, science and technology in the West;
  • Identifying the most important trends in the intellectual, social and cultural structure of the contemporary West;
  • Ongoing research to identify and criticize contradictory ideas and theories;
  • Understanding and adopting a critical approach to modernity in the West and the way it is transferred to Islamic cultures, especially Iran;
  • Intellectual and theoretical participation in macro planning of the country in the field of culture, education and politics with respect to the issues of the West and Occidentalism.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • Conducting more than 30 research projects;
  • Holding more than 5 seminars and conferences;
  • Holding more than 30 workshops;
  • Publishing the scientific-research journals Gharbshensi-e Bonyadi (Fundamental Occidentalism), Pajouheshha-ye Elm va Din (Research on Science and Religion), Falsafeh-e Elm (Philosophy of Science) and Manteqpajouhi (Studies on Logic);
  • Conducting the PhD program of Philosophy of Science and Technology.
Last Update At : 04 February 2018