Cultural Studies and Communications



The establishment of the faculty of Cultural Studies and Communications has got significance in order to develop the research domain of culture and media. This faculty was established in 2013, and comprised of three departments of Theoretical Studies of Culture and Communication, Applied Strategic Studies of Culture and Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture.


  • Moving towards turning the faculty of Cultural Studies and Communications into an important center for media literacy and interdisciplinary studies in the country and the Middle East;
  • Developing intra- and extra-organizational discourse in the Institute and the scientific community of the country in the field of cultural, communicational and media studies;
  • Creating a forum for exchanging ideas and thoughts in the domain of culture, communication and media;
  • Focusing on the issue of freedom of expression and creating a scientific and peaceful atmosphere for criticism in the cultural, communicational and media in the country;
  • Promoting and developing media literacy and criticizing media  communication processes in written, audio and visual media, and multimedia and cyberspace.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • Conducting research projects;
  • Conducting post-graduate courses of Media Management and Religion and Media;
  • Publication of the scientific-research quarterly Motale’at-e Mianreshte’i dar Resaneh va Farhang (Interdisciplinary Studies in Media and Culture);
  • Holding meetings, lectures and scientific-technical workshops
Last Update At : 04 February 2018