Social Studies



Faculty of Social Studies,  which was established in 1981 under the name of "Communication Sciences and Development of Iran", was later renamed into the faculty of Social Sciences. This faculty is divided into three departments of Sociology, Study of Social and Cultural Problems and Development Studies. In 2013, this faculty expanded to seven departments: Historical Sociology of Iran, Development Studies, The Study of Social and Psychological Issues, The Islamic-Iranian Civilization and Thought, Cultural-theoretical Sociology, Women Studies and Society and Security. Currently, this faculty has 12  faculty members (one professor, 5 associate professors and 6 assistant professors) 2 researchers and 6 research experts.



  • Conducting systematic quantitative and qualitative research in social sciences;
  • Focusing on theoretical and applicable research in social sciences;
  • Emphasizing cognitive, theoretical and empirical foundations in understanding Iranian culture and society.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • Conducting more than 60 completed research projects and 15 ongoing projects;
  • Holding lectures, meetings and workshops;
  • Publishing more than 400 articles and over 65 books;
  • Holding Master’s degree courses of Social Science Research in 2013;
  • Establishing two departments: Social Security Studies and Study of Social Changes;
  • Publishing the scientific-research Journal: Jame-e Pajouhi-e Farhangi (Cultural Social Studies) and Pajouheshnameh-e Zanan (Women Journal) since 2010.
Last Update At : 04 February 2018