Faculty of History is among the oldest research centers of the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies. It's establishment dates back to years before the Islamic Revolution. In  late 1960s some scholars of history established a scientific forum titled " The History Association". This association, along with the history department of  the Iranian Cultural Foundation, is regarded as the basis of the faculty of History. The Iranian Cultural Foundation was established in 1964 and was active in four fields including Iranian history. The department of History began its research activities by publishing a book. After the Islamic Revolution and with the integration of twelve research centers, the department of History in the Cultural Foundation and  The History Association were merged and the Faculty of History was established, With the purpose of carrying out fundamental research in the field of Iran's history and educating enthusiastic history scholars, the faculty of History began its activities in five departments of Social History of Iran, Cultural History of Iran, Political History of Iran, Economic History of Iran, and History of Cultural Iran. Currently, this faculty has nine faculty members, six administrative experts in three active and two inactive research departments.


  • Performing research on the history of Iran and Islam, Islamic and Persian historical texts, and the culture of Islam and Iran;
  • Introducing the origins and history of Iranian - Islamic culture to Iranians and non Iranians, in order to strengthen and revive historical, national and religious identity;
  • Understanding and recognizing Iranian-Islamic civilization.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • Carrying out more than 70 research projects;
  • Conducting MA programs on "History of Islamic Iran" since 1989 and the PhD programs of "History of Science in Islamic Era" and "History of Iran after the Rise of Islam" since 2012.
  • Improving critical and analytical and applicable research skills of history scholars in the field of Iranian history;
  • Implementing individual and group projects on directing, advising, consulting and refereeing history theses;
  • Participating in specialized history conferences and presenting papers, speeches;
  • membership in the Iranian Association of History, the Iranian Association of Islamic History, and Female History Scholars;
  • Publishing the journals of Tahqiqat-e Tarikh-e Ejtema’ee (Social History Research), Pajooheshnameh-ye Tarikh-e Ejtema’ee-Eqtesadi(Journal of Socio-Economic History) and Jostarha-ye Tarikhi (Historical Discussions).
Last Update At : 04 February 2018