The Meeting of the Head of the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies(IHCS) with the Iraqi Expedition of the Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies

01 May 2024 | 15:29 Code : 25327 news Events

Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies hosted an expedition from Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies on Tuesday 30.4.2024. In this meeting, the head of IHCS, the vice president of research, the vice president of administrative affairs, the director of graduate studies, the director of the library, the director of international scientific cooperation and a number of faculty members of political theory, international relations and law, hosted the Iraqi group. The members of the group, consisting of 11 experts in security, counter-terrorism and extremism, economic studies, crisis, political studies, information technology and artificial intelligence, presented in the meeting at the IHCS.

Nahrain Center, affiliated as the National Security Council of Iraq, is a connected with all the universities and research institutes in Iraq. Its purpose is to diagnose a problem in the society, to investigate the impact of the problem on the society, and to provide a scientific solution for the problem.

This center consists of 16 departments to perform various scientific activities, including Scientific studies of the fight against terrorism, Social studies, Historical studies, Crisis and crisis resolution, Planning and communication, Economic studies, Artificial intelligence, Project Strategic issues, Communication and media, Health and nutrition security, Energy, water and environment, Cyber security and information technology, and Studies on fighting extremist thinking in Iraq.

This meeting was held with the intention of creating a suitable ground for scientific and research exchanges. The meeting was ended after the introduction of the members of the guest committee, bilateral discussions, and visiting the institute’s library.

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