International webinar on the potential dimensions of the literary crisis

17 February 2021 | 12:48 Code : 20532 news

Following the series of webinars organized by the French Language Committee of the Foreign Languages group in the Council for Examining Humanities Books at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies in collaboration with the French Department of the Faculty of Literature at the Bu Ali Sina University on the crisis of contemporary French literature, this time a specialized meeting Entitled "The Potential Dimensions of the Literary Crisis", it will be held at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, in the presence of Dominique Maingueneau, a French linguist.

In 2006, Maingueneau wrote an important paper entitled "Anti-Proust" or "the End of Literature", which dealt with the crisis and death of a particular interpretation of literature. According to this thinker, the origin of this declining literature must be found in the thoughts of Marcel Proust, especially in the distinction between the real and the social "Me of the author". Maingueneau believes that such a distinction influenced the new critique of the 1960s, and its trace remains in our modern understanding of literature and art.

 Discourse analysis, the link between linguistics and literature, rhetoric and paratopy are among the main themes of the research of Maingueneau, a distinguished professor at the Sorbonne. According to Maingueneau, with the help of discourse analysis, the confrontation between text and context in literary criticism and research can be ended. Familiarity with discourse analysis methods (1976), New trends in discourse analysis (1987), Discourse analysis (1991), Keywords of discourse analysis (1996), Communication texts analysis (1998), Vocabulary of discourse analysis (2002), Literary discourse (2004), Discourse and Discourse Analysis (2014) are among the writings of this eminent professor.


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