Cognitive Linguistics Conference; A perspective on the study of linguistic and cultural links

12 February 2021 | 15:20 Code : 20488 news Events


The Office of International Scientific Cooperation of the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies in cooperation with Kabul University organizes AND Cognitive Science and Technologies Council (CSTC):

Specialized webinar

Cognitive linguistics; A perspective on the study of linguistic and cultural links


Dr. Azita Afrashi

Session Abstract: Cognitive linguistics deals with the relationship between mind, language and culture. Of course, older approaches in this field were more psychological than cultural in nature. In the 21st century, cognitive linguistics has become an effective approach to cultural comparisons, with the use of class-based evidence from a variety of languages ​​as well as the addition of structural and field methods in data collection and analysis. One of the fundamental aspects in studying cultural similarities and differences is understanding, transmitting and interpreting the feelings and emotions of members of language communities. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the cognitive sciences, especially its sub-branch, cognitive linguistics, have for the first time in the history of science studied science and emotions scientifically. According to what was said in the two sessions of the present session, with the perspective of using the main concepts of cognitive linguistics in the study of representation of feelings and emotions in language, we introduce these main concepts and also explain their link by studying the feedback of emotions in language with evidences.

2 sessions

21 and 23 February 2021 14 to 15:30

Open to the public.

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