Report on holding Persian calligraphy training course (for Russian speakers)

31 October 2020 | 12:40 Code : 19842 news

In recent months, with the facilitation of international cooperation and online meetings, the International Scientific Cooperation Office of the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies with professors and students of Russian universities, through the Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation, has held courses at the suggestion of one of the parties.

Persian calligraphy training course is one of these courses that started in October and is held online for eight weeks for students and Russian-speaking enthusiasts with simultaneous translation. In addition to its artistic aspect, the Persian calligraphy training course will be an efficacious stride towards the practical teaching of Persian language and calligraphy via art and literature, which will be conducive to the introduction of one of the trappings of Islamic civilization. Besides, Calligraphy is also one of the cultural indicators of Iran, and holding such a workshop can be effective in the cultural development of Iran along with familiarity with the Persian language and literature. Also, since the teaching of Persian calligraphy is done through literature, this training can give a good acquaintance with Persian language and literature to non-Persian speakers in addition to creating or strengthening practical skills.

Professor Tavousi, one of the leading calligraphers, undertakes the teaching this course, which is simultaneously translated into Russian by Ms. Victoria Pour Hekmat. It should be noted that participants in this course will receive a certificate from the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.

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