Protecting the Persian Language is One of OurMostImportantTasks

16 July 2019 | 11:12 Code : 18432 Events

Protecting the Persian Language is One of OurMostImportantTasks

Persian language and our present duty


An Investigation of Dr. TaqiPournamdariyan, professor of Persian language and literature.

We, as a nation, through the our languagelook at the worldand understand the thoughts of others, the thoughts of the ancients and express our thoughts.
What affect our being Iranian as a great nation with a proud past and producer of valuable ideas in the field of religion, ethics and philosophy, and creator of the images of emotions, feelings and elegance in the field of art, is a clear and transparent mirror of language. If this mirror clouds due to the disregard of governments' and the dominant political powers withinvasion of foreign words, combinations, and extras,we look at in which mirror to see our image as an Iranian?

Protecting the Persian language today, the intensification of the invasion of alien culturesthrough mass media and the shortening of spatial and temporal spheres is one of our most important tasks, which we must try to provide security before it is too late.

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