National Awards

Type of awardName of the winnerTitle of the workYear
1Farabi International AwardIshany, TaherehCohesion in Persian Ghazal: A comparative analysis of some Ghazals by Hafez and Saadi2012
2Farabi International AwardGerami, Seyyed Mohamad HadiThe first hadith thoughts of Shia: approaches, discourses, ideas and currents2018
3Farabi International AwardTabataba'i, Mohammad AliInvestigating the historical background of the belief in the distortion of the Torah and the Bible among the early Muslims2020
4Farabi International AwardFozi, YahyaImam Khomeini in the face of opponents and critics: study of theoretical foundations and practical approach2022
5Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranMazdapour, KatayounThe word and its meaning from Middle Persian to Farsi2011
6Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranSafi Pirlooje, HosseinAn introduction to the critical analysis of narrative discourse2017
7Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranGoshtasb, Farzaneh; Hajipour, NadiaOim-evak dictionary2019
8Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranAssi, MostafaAdvanced Persian language learner's glossary2020
9Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranFazeli, Nematullah; Kalani, ManiOutlooks of contemporary Iranian culture2020
10Worthy of Appreciation in the Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranParsapoor, ZahraKefayeh al-Tab written by Hubaysh-i Tiflisi, with the introduction, proofreading and annotation by Dr. Zahra Parsapour2011
11Worthy of Appreciation in the Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranMirfakhrai, MahshidReview of the sixth Denkard2013
12Worthy of Appreciation in the Ceremony of the 33rd Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranMosleh, AliasgharPhilosophy of culture2015
13Worthy of Appreciation in Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranTabibzadeh, Omid-2019
14Book of the Season Award 2012Gharamaleki, AhadEssay on the legacy of Muslim logicians2012
15Academic Book of the Year AwardAfrough, EmadThe relationship between theory and practice From ancient philosophers to critical realism2021
16Academic Book of the Year AwardDalvand, HamidrezaZoroastrian tradition in Islamic times2021
17Academic Book of the Year AwardTurkmeni Azar, ParvinHistoriography and historical view of Iranian historians (3rd to 6th century A.H.)2021
18National Award of Academic PublishingPakatchi, AhmadMethodology of the connection between the conceptual system of the Holy Quran and modern sciences2022
19The 22nd Ceremony of Honoring Top Researchers of the YearZarshenas, Zohreh-2021
20The Best Cultural Research of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic GuidanceFazli, NematullahOutlooks of contemporary Iranian culture2017
21Dr. Kazemi Ashtiani AwardGhayoomi, Masood-2018
22Dr. Kazemi Ashtiani AwardKarimi Soltanahmadi, Mahdi-2021
23The 7th Literary Award of Parvin E'tesami, "Chosen Book" AwardKarachi, RouhangizThe history of women's poetry from the beginning to the 8th century A.H.2016
24Tahereh Safarzadeh Scientific-Literary AwardNemati, MasoumehAnalysis and comparison of Surahs Al-Ala, Al-Bayyina and Al-Jumu'ah with their Persian translation in terms of coherence and continuity of the text2015
25The Second Prize of Psychology and Educational SciencesSalibi, Zhasent-2011
26Islamic Revolution's Book of the Year AwardFozi, YahyaIslamic Republic of Iran and Islamist movements2022
27National Award of Holy Defence BookShafiei, Somayyeh SadatBehistun of love2022
28Selected Industrial Research ProjectsAlavipour, Seyyed MohsenEvaluation of the role of non-governmental organizations in identifying and solving elderly issues2020
29Selected Industrial Research ProjectsSajadi, HamidImproving the performance of internal security management in the face of protests2020
30Association for Information Science & Technology, International Paper Contest (IPC) for library and information scienceOjagh, Zahra; Galyni Moghaddam, GolnessaVisibility of library and information Science and scientific communication in Iran2020
31Selected Country Researcher in the 20th Research and Technology ExhibitionPournamdarian, Taghi-2019
32Cinematic Research AwardAlavipour, Seyyed Mohsen-2017
33First Class Badge of Art, Fajr International Poem FestivalRakei, Fateme-2016
34International Festival of Imam Ali ResearchersSanepour, Maryam; Delshad, Ali-2017
35Worthy of Appreciation in the Third International Congress of Imam AliDelshad, AliA comparative study of the concept of ''sakina'' and peace in the Qur'an and Nahj al-Balagha and ''shekhinah'' in Jewish mystical texts2019
36Commemoration of Islamic Revolution Level ProfessorsMahdavi Zadegan, Davood-2020
37International Congress on the Danger of Takfiri Currents in Today's WorldSedaghat Samar Hosseini, KamyarSaudi Arabia's anti-Iranian and Shiite strategy in the field of education and media2015
38The 16th International Award on Cultural ResearchZarshenas, Zohreh-2024
39The 16th International Award on Cultural ResearchAbutorabi, Mohammad Ali-2024
40National Award for CivilizationNajafi, MoosaResearch for modern Islamic civilization2024
41Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of IranTabibzadeh, OmidPersian Quantitative Meter; An Analysis based on Rhythmical Scansion and Prosodic Phonology2024
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