IDNameFacultyProject titleDate (yyyy-mm-dd)
1001Torkamani Azar, ParvinFaculty of Iran’s HistoryHistoriography and historical perspective of Iranian historians (from the beginning of the Islamic period to the Mongol invasion); third level2016-03-02
1002Torkamani Azar, ParvinFaculty of Iran’s HistoryHistoriography in Iran from the beginning of the Islamic period to the Mongol invasion2004-06-24
1003Torkamani Azar, ParvinFaculty of Iran’s HistoryThe etiquette of war in Iran (with emphasis on the etiquette and historiography of the 3rd to 6th centuries of Hijra)2019-03-03
1004Torkamani Azar, ParvinFaculty of Iran’s HistoryThe historiography of the conquest of Iran (from the beginning of Islam to the end of the Seljuk period)2017-03-02
1005Vahidnia, AlaFaculty of Quranic StudiesIntertextual links of the Qur'an with biblical texts and mythological literature before it2022-01-31
1006Vahidnia, AlaFaculty of Quranic StudiesRecovering the forgotten reading school (probably common in Basra and Iran) in ancient manuscripts2020-01-31
1007Vahidnia, AlaFaculty of Quranic StudiesReflecting the readings in the Safavid Iranian manuscripts to find some kind of regularity2018-06-25
1008Vakili, HadiFaculty of PhilosophyAnalytical and critical review of emerging and ideationalist movements in Iran2010-12-31
1009Vakili, HadiFaculty of PhilosophyComparative mysticism2010-09-29
1010Vakili, HadiFaculty of PhilosophyCritical research and translation of ''Encyclopedia of Emerging Religious Movements'' by Peter B. Clark2013-10-30
1011Vakili, HadiFaculty of PhilosophyIndian mysticism and NRM in Iran-----------
1012Vakili, HadiFaculty of PhilosophyMystical ethics and its fundamental virtues2019-04-22
1013Vakili, HadiFaculty of PhilosophySpirituality: a guide for the perplexed2021-04-22
1014Vakili, HadiFaculty of PhilosophyThe theory of the unity of existence from the perspective of logic and fuzzy thinking (epistemological-linguistic explanations and lifestyle based on it)2016-06-24
1015Veisi, MahsaFaculty of Iran’s HistoryAnalysis of the idea of peace and tolerance in the administration of the culturally diverse territory of the Achaemenid era2019-05-24
1016Veisi, MahsaFaculty of Iran’s HistoryHistorical review and analysis of the status of educational programs in terms of increasing the skills of archeology students and the employment of its graduates in various stages of education from the beginning until today (2017)2017-05-24
1017Veisi, MahsaFaculty of Iran’s HistoryImperial politics in the reign of George III: the East India Company and the crisis and transformation of the British imperial State2022-05-24
1018Veisi, MahsaFaculty of Iran’s HistoryThe structure of the Achaemenid administrative management patterns based on the Kshatra system and its relationship with modern structures2020-11-29
1019Vezvaei, FarzanehFaculty of LinguisticsPresentation of new guidelines for editing Persian texts in the computer environment2012-03-02
1020Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistoryA research on how social relations are reflected in the religious documents of the Qajar period2011-03-21
1021Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistoryA research on the state of the reflection of mutual relations in Sharia documents of the Qajar period 1 (based on the documents of Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabai's notary offices, years 1313-1314 and 1321-1322 A.H.)2012-12-30
1022Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistoryHistory of Iran during the Great Seljuk period2006-12-31
1023Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistoryIran social history databases (first stage)-----------
1024Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistoryMarket research-----------
1025Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistoryOral history of copper-----------
1026Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistoryRab rashidi-----------
1027Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistorySocial history databases (second stage)2011-11-30
1028Yousefifar, ShahramFaculty of Iran’s HistoryThe relationship between the cities and the villages in the middle centuries of Iranian history-----------
1029Zaferanchi, Leila SadatFaculty of EconomicsEconomic and social factors affecting the supply of working hours of both working couples in Iranian households2019-03-21
1030Zaferanchi, Leila SadatFaculty of EconomicsInvestigating the causes and economic consequences of telecommuting focusing on prioritizing telecommuting strategies for humanities researchers2020-03-20
1031Zaferanchi, Leila SadatFaculty of EconomicsTranslation of the first five chapters of the family economy book (first phase).2023-04-22
1032Zarshenas, ZohreFaculty of LinguisticsA research on 30 Sogdian manuscripts of the British Library: Persian translation, etymology and grammatical analysis of words2018-03-21
1033Zarshenas, ZohreFaculty of LinguisticsA study in 30 sogdian manuscripts of British Library: Persian translation, etymology and grammatical analysis2020-03-20
1034Zarshenas, ZohreFaculty of LinguisticsReview of Sous-terrain cause and effect of action (six Sogdian texts)-----------
1035Zarshenas, ZohreFaculty of LinguisticsSogdian stories-----------
1036Zarshenas, ZohreFaculty of LinguisticsWritten literary heritage in ancient Iran2005-07-27
1037Ziviar, FarhadFaculty of Political ScienceAnalyzing the relationship between political thought and political relations in the Safavid and Ottoman governments (case study: Mohagheq Karaki and Rozbahan Khanji)2016-06-24
1038Ziviar, FarhadFaculty of Political ScienceAyatollah Ruhollah Kamalvand (biography and his role in Imam Khomeini's movement)2021-01-30
1039Ziviar, FarhadFaculty of Political ScienceInvestigating Iran-Russia wars with emphasis on Iran's national identity2013-12-31
1040Ziviar, FarhadFaculty of Political ScienceThe formation of Iran's cultural and political institutions in the face of the West from the end of the Nasrid period to the end of the Qajar period (second phase)2020-03-20
1041Ziviar, FarhadFaculty of Political ScienceThe formation of Iran's national identity in confrontation with the West with an emphasis on new institution-makings (from the beginning of the Qajar period to constitutionalism)2018-06-25
1042Ziviar, FarhadFaculty of Political ScienceThe reflection of the West and modernity in the travelogues of Iranians in the early Qajar period (with an emphasis on four famous travelogues)2014-12-31
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