Tahereh Kamalizadeh

تعداد بازدید:۹۹۸


Personal Information

Name: Tahereh

Surname: Kamalizadeh

Date of Birth: 1970-11-28

Place of Birth: Mashahad

Position: Associate Professor, Grade 15

Email: tkamali85@yahoo.com

Cell Phone: (+98) 9126048320

Education Background

2001-2005       Ph.D. in Philosophy and Islamic Kalam, University of Tehran; Ranked first in 2000 university entrance exam; Graduated as the top student (GPA: 19.10 out of 20.00);

1994-1996       M.A. in Philosophy and Islamic Kalam, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad; (GPA: 17.88 out of 20.00);

1987-1993       B.A. in Philosophy and Islamic Kalam, ShahidMotahari University (Mashhad); (Second top student (GPA: 18.63 out of 20.00);


- "Ontology of Al-Farabi and his Viewpoint Contradictions with Aristotle"; Ph.D. dissertation, supervised by Dr. GholamrezaAvani (Grade: Very Good);

- "Words Utilization in Devine Science and Considering MollaSadra's Theory"; M.A. thesis, supervised by prof. Jalal-alddinAshtiani (Grade: 18.50);

Educational Courses

1- 1997-2001 at Islamic Publication Office     Ancient and Modern Logic, Islamic and Western Philosophy

2- 2001-present at Iranian Philosophical Society         Aristotle Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy (Illumination Philosophy, Reciting and Examination of Suhrawardi and the Interpretors), Islamic Mysticism (Reciting and Examination of Mystic Textx, e.g. Tamhidat by EinolghozatHamedani, Jame-Alasrar by SeyyedHeidarAmoli, etc.)

Teaching Background

2013-present    Ph.D. of Islamic Philosophy, (Course: Transcendent wisdom)

2010-2015       M.A. of Islamic Philosophy at University ofZanjan,(Courses: 1- Theological Schools:  Mu'taliza, Ash'ari and Shia 2- Illumination Pholisophy I ans II)

2002-2015       B.A. of Islamic Philosophy at University of Zanjan,(All courses, notably Transcendental wisdom, Illumination Philosophy, Philosophy History)

2011                B.A. of Islamic Philosophy at AllameTabataba'i University, Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, (Course: Philosophy of Art from the Perspective of Peripatetic and Illumination Philosophers)

1997-2002       B.A. of Islamic Philosophy at University of Tehran and Motahari University (Course: Ancient and Modern Logic)



- "Subject of the First Philosophy in Aristotle and Farabi Philosophy"; Semi-Annually MaqalatWaBarrasiha, Spring-Summer 2005, Vol. 38, No. 77 (2).

- "Introduction to Ontological Issues in Philosophy of Seyyed Jalal-AlddinAshtiani", Shari'aShohud. Institute for Islamic Culture and Thoughts, 2006.

- "Study of Bing's Concept in Farabi's Al-Hurouf". Rahnomun. Summer and fall 2007.

- "Study of Substance Concept in Aristotle's Metaphysics". Rahnomun. Winter and spring 2007-2008.

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- "Moderation Discourse in Shi'i". Under review.

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2004  Evil in Christian Theology and Islamic Philosophy,Intrenational Conference of MullaSadra. Tehran.

2004  Corrected Epistemology. Conference on Mysticism and Religious Experience (Abstract). TarbiatModares University.

2008  Dispute of Ghias-AldinDashtakiand Jalal-AldinDavani in Interpretation of Hayakel-Alnnur of Suhrawardi. In Shiraz School Conference. Shiraz.

2009  Lights of knowledge  in the Horizon of Islamic Philosophy and Art. International Conference on Philosophy and Challenges of Today's World.

2010  Illuminative Art and Philosophy. 2ndInternational Symposium: Mystical Aspects of Islamic Art & Literature. IIUM.Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur.

2010  "Beauty" and "Love" in Suhrawardi'sMunis Aloshagh" (Abstract). In Commemorate of Suhrawardi Conference. Zanjan.

2010  Illuminative Epistemology and Art (Abstract). International Conference of Philosophy Day. Tehran.

2011  Methodology of Aristotle and Farabi. Conference of Farabi,TheFounder of Islamic Philosophy. Tehran.

2011  Devine Lights in Mystic Conduct. In Suhrawardi International Conference. Zanjan.

2012  Art and Ethics. In Suhrawardi International Conference. Zanjan.

2014  Prayers and Ceremonials. In Suhrawardi International Conference. Zanjan.

2014  Light in Natural and Cultural Architecture and Life Style. In Suhrawardi International Conference. Zanjan.


2013  Wisdom Basics of Art and Beauty from Suhrawardi's Viewpoint. 2nd Print. FarhangestanHonar. (Nominated for Book of the Season).

2015  Stucco Art of Khorasan School. Sureh Publications.

Research Projects:

2009  "Philosophy of Illuminative Art from Suhrawardi's Viewpoint". Iranian Academy of Arts.

2010  "Concept of Light and Darkness in Illumination Philosophy and its Philosophical Results". University of Zanjan.

2011  "Study of Ma'ani-alaghl Treatise by Farabi and Alaghl Treatise by EskandarAfroudisi". University of Zanjan.

2013  "Active Intellect in Illumination Philosophy". University of Zanjan.

2013  "Iranian-Islamic Architecture: A Research and Educational Project by Research Center for Islamic Culture and Arts.

2015  "A Study of Ebn-AbiJomhourEhsayee's Illuminative Opinions". Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology.

2016  "An Analysis of Hakim Sabzevari's Ishraqi's Ideas and Bases as Intermediary in the Transfer of Islamic Philosophy to the Contemporary Period". Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.

Ongoing " The philosophy of illumination in the contemporary period (with emphasis on Sadra's approach) ". Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.

Ongoing "Illuminative Philosophy, from Suhrawardi to Sabzevari; Phase I: Interpreters of Suhrawardi". Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology.

Thesis Supervisor:

Winter 2010  Intuition and Illumination in Illuminative Epistemilogy. MahyarKiayee. University of Zanjan.

Winter 2010  Religious and Government in Ancient Iran. SomayehFarahbakhsh. University of Zanjan.

Winter 2011  Hermeneutics of Prayers and Imams Quotations in Works of Suhrawardi. FatemehAsghari. University of Zanjan.

Summer 2011  A Study of Concept of Reason from Aristotle and Farabi Viewpoints. University of Zanjan.

Summer 2010  Axiology of AllamehTabataba'I; A Study. NahidSarayee. PayamenoorUnoversity.

Winter 2012  A Study of Philosophical basics of "Sound of Jebreil's Wings" of Suhrawardi. Parisa Taheri. University of Zanjan.

Fall 2013       Reason in Illuminative Philosophy. AkramNazari. University of Zanjan.

Winter 2013  Interpretation of Oneself Quranic Verses in Works of Suhrawardi. Samira Bigdeli. University of Zanjan.

Oct. 2013      Religion and Politics in Philosophy of Suhrawardi. AlirezaShahbaz. University of Zanjan.

2013             Ghulat of Shia. MagghsudZolghadr. University of Zanjan.

Jan 2015       Reason and Soul in Works of Baba Afzal Kashani. MahbounbehZolghadr. University of Zanjan

Oct 2015       A review of the perfection of Soul perfection from the perspective of Afzaludin Kashani. Faridehjamshidi. University of Zanjan.

                     Philosophical Basics of Symbols in Islamic Iranian Arts based on Sadrayi Devine Theosophy. Ph.D. Thesis. Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.

                     MullaSadra's Viewpoint on Providing Agency in Analysis of Unity of Existance( Being). Ph.D. Thesis. Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.

Thesis Advisor:

Oct. 2009    Investigating AllamehTabataba'i and Alvin Plantinga Viewpoint on Religion Varieties-By ParisaFaizi

Oct. 2009      Afterlife Destination of Non-Muslims in Muslim Theologians Viewpoint-By Zahra Valinazhad

Winter 2010 Devine Nature and Characteristics from Imam Mohammad Ghazali's and Imam Khomeini's Viewpoints.

Sep. 2011    World of Fiction from MullaSadra's Viewpoint- By FathollahFathi.

Winter 2012 Interpretation of MullaSadra and Suhrawardi from "Hub" in the Quran- By NargesEskandari.

Fall 2013     Intuition in the Philosophy of MullaSadra- By NargesDusti.

Fall 2013     Religious Pluralism in Seyed Hassan Nasr's Viewpoint- By NiloufarNamirayi.

Oct. 2014     Trinity in Hindu and Christianity.

Jan. 2015     Heart and Reason in Sadra'a Epistemology.

Jan. 2015     Judaism Pholisophy, A Case Study of Ibn-e-Jabrul.

Ongoing       "Imam Knowledge" Theory in Early Islamic Era.

Ongoing       A Study of AllamehTabatab'i Interpretive Theory Basics in Response to Neohermeneutic Issues. Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.

Journal Critique

  • Philosophical Meditations- University of Zanjan
  • Islamic Studies-Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
  • Philosophical Investigations- University of Tabriz
  • Philosophy of Religion Queries- Iranian Association for Philosophy of Religion
  • Ontological Studies-ShahidRajaeeTeacher Training University
  • Humanities Studies-Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Wisdom and Philisophy-AllamehTabataba'i University
  • Kimiya-e-Honar-Iranian Academy of Art


Educational-Cultural Workshops:

  • Celebration of thoughts (Ziafat-e-Andisheh)-Supreme Leader Representative-Cultural Deputy- 40 hours- Mashhad
  • Wisdom Enhacement- Representative of Supreme Leader -Cultural Deputy- 16 hours- University of Zanjan
  • Introduction to False Mysticisms-Cultural Deputy-Islamic Education Department - 8 hours- University of Zanjan
  • Morality in Research- Cultural Deputy-Philosophy Department- 8 hours- University of Zanjan
  • Manner and life etiquettes- Cultural Deputy-Philosophy Department- 8 hours- University of Zanjan
  • Aramaic Language (Syriac) and Islamic Culture and Civilization-3 hours-Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • Problemology  in Social Research- 7 hours- Jun. 2017- Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • Problemology: Problem-centered Research Strategy Planning in Philosophy Realm-4 hours- May. 2017- Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.

Practical-Executive Activities:

2006 to present             Cooperation with Testing and PsychometricCenter of National Organization of Educational Testing in Graduates University Entrance Exams

Aug. 2010                     Executive Secretary of 2-day Conference on Suhrawardi’s Day Commemorate (3rd Pre-conference of National Philosophy, Day 2010)-University of Zanjan

Aug. 2010                   Member of Academic Committee of 2-day Conference on Suhrawardi’s Day Commemorate-University of Zanjan

Oct. 2011                      Member of Academic Committee of National Suhrawardi’s Day Commemorate- University of Zanjan

May 2013                     Member of Academic Committee of Suhrawardi Conference- University of Zanjan

May 2014                     Member of Academic Committee of Suhrawardi Conference- University of Zanjan

2007-2013                    Member of Editorial Board of Philosophical Meditations of University of Zanjan

2007-2013                    Member of Founding Board of Suhrawardi Academic Foundation-Zanjan-Sohrevard

Nov. 2016- present      Member of Academic Committee of Comprehensive Plan for Promotion and Organizing Humanities-Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies

Aug. 2017- present      Member of Policy Council of Comprehensive Plan

Jan. 2016-Aug. 2017    Secretary of Policy Council of Comprehensive Plan for Promotion and  Organizing Humanities-Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies

Nov. 2016-Present       Chief Editor of Contemporary Wisdom Scientific Research Journal

Aug. 2017- present      Chancellor Advisor of Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies in Journals Affairs

Membership in Academic Associations

Permanent Member of the Iranian Institute of Philosophy

Member of Iranology Foundation

Member of Sadra Islamic Philosophy Foundation

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