Shokooh Al Sadat Hosseini              


Shokooh Al Sadat Hosseini



Ph.D.: Arabic language and Literature (Criticism and Comparative Literature), Damascus University (2005 -2010)

MA: Department of Arabic Language & Literature, Faculty of Literature and Humanities. Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch (1997-1999)

BS: Department of Arabic Language & Literature, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran (1986-1990)

*Thesis Subject: "The Development of the Short Story in Syria and Iran (1920-1970); A Comparative Study"

*Thesis Subject: "Critical Review of Shoqi Zayf Works: Syntax and Rhetoric" 



Director of Women's Studies Research Group in Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.



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Published Works

Translations in Persian

Five volumes of the story of Resistance Literature (Ghalam Rasas)

Work in Progress

Discourse Analysis of the Arab Women's Immigration Novel; case study: Ahlam Mostaghanemi, Ghada alsamman, Sahar



2018: "Reading booker's winners" in Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies

2017: "Arab women's Novels" in Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies