Contributions are invited for the following streams:

  • Relationships between Intercultural Thinking and Literary Genres 
  • Intercultural Thinking and Mystical Literature
  • Intercultural Thinking and Epic Literature 
  • Intercultural Thinking and Lyrical Literature and Poetry 
  • Intercultural Thinking and Folk/Folklore Literature and Fable
  • Intercultural Thinking and Educational Literature 
  • Intercultural Thinking and Fiction and Narrative


  • Relationships between Intercultural Thinking and Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Intercultural Philosophy and Phenomenology 
  • Intercultural Philosophy and Philosophical Hermeneutics 
  • Intercultural Philosophy and Comparative studies 
  • Intercultural Philosophy and Post-structuralism
  • Intercultural Philosophy and Feminism 
  • Intercultural Philosophy and Postcolonial studies 
  • Intercultural Philosophy and Ethnic/Racial studies 
  • Intercultural Philosophy and Intertextuality


  • Role of Persian Language and Literature in Intercultural Understanding 
  • Intercultural Thinking in Regional Persian language and literature 
  • Intercultural Thinking and intellectual and literary heritage of Iran; Khosravani Hikmah, and Ishraqi Hikmah (The School of Illumination)
  • The common aspects of oriental literature and intercultural thinking
  • Intercultural philosophy and the linguistic structures of Persian language and literature 
  • Intercultural philosophy and linguistics 
  • Intercultural philosophy and translation 
  • Intercultural philosophy and Manuscriptology 


  • Concepts of Intercultural Thinking in Persian Literature 
  • Monophonic and polyphonic
  • The ‘in-between’ world
  • Absolutism and Anti-absolutism
  • Identity and self-understanding (collective self and individual self) 
  • Encountering the Other and the stranger (Convergence, Divergence)
  • Egoism and identity thinking
  • Monism and pluralism
  • Centralism, fundamentalism, essentialism
  • Cultural thinking
  • Authenticity and distinction
  • Tolerance, coexistence


  • The historical experience of dialogue and intercultural exchange in the field of Persian language and literature

  • Challenges of Comparative Studies in Philosophy and Literature 
  • Critical Evaluation of Comparative Studies of Philosophy and Literature



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