Asian Cultural Documentation Center


Asian Cultural Documentation Center was established under the supervision of UNESCO in Tehran in 1977 to share the cultural and artistic treasures of the Asian nations and societies with other nations in the world, through recognition, collection, classification and distribution of information about the related documents, and to encourage and support cultural and artistic studies and strengthen and exchange scientific materials at regional, Asian and international levels.

This center was established following a proposal in 1973 to the Intergovernmental Committee of Cultural Ministers of Asian Countries in Jakarta (Indonesia). This proposal was approved in the National Commission of UNESCO in Asia, New Delhi (India) in 1975 and subsequently the center was established based on Paragraph 4 of Article 7 of the law for the Establishment of the Supreme Council for Culture and Arts, which held in Tehran in January 1976. Based on the charter of the Center and the agreements made between Iran and UNESCO, the full title of the center was "Asian Cultural Documentation Center, Tehran."


  • Developing a scientific relationship with UNESCO and active institutions in the field of culture and art of Asia;
  • Conducting research and study on the documents and manifestations of the culture and art of Asian nations and assisting the publication of valuable works of scholars in this field;
  • Holding lectures, seminars, congresses and exhibitions related to Asian culture;
  • Supporting the training of researchers in the fields mentioned above;
  • Inviting Asian specialists to develop and strengthen relationships and cooperation to achieve the objectives of the center;
  • Guiding and assisting specialists in the field of cultural studies on the common heritage of Asian countries for greater understanding and peace in Asia;
  • Creating a database in order to collect, analyze and archieve information related to Asian culture.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • Conducting more than 5 research projects;
  • Holding specialized seminars and exhibitions;
  • Holding more than twenty scientific lectures;
  • Compiling and publishing forty-eight books;
  • Running the test website of the center:;
  • Obtaining the authorization for and establishing the research-scientific quarterly Farhang va Honar-e Asia (Asian Culture and Art);
  • Collaborating with the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, under the supervision of UNESCO;
  • Collaborating with the National Center for Globalization Studies;
  • Reviving, Restoring and updating the Library of the Asian Cultural Documentation Center;
  • Creating a Database for the Asian Cultural Documentation Center;
  • Collecting and compiling the bibliography of "The Culture and Art of Asian Nations"
  •  Tuning the programs of the center with the developments and changes in the world