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Faculty of Social Studies, which was established in 1981 under the name of “Communication Sciences and Development of Iran”, was renamed into the faculty of Social Sciences. This faculty is divided into three departments of Sociology, Study of Social and Cultural Problems and Development Studies. In 2013, this faculty expanded to seven departments: ‘‘Historical Sociology of Iran’’, ‘‘Development Studies’’, ‘‘The Study of Social and Psychological Issues of Iran’’, ‘‘The Islamic-Iranian Civilization’’, ‘‘Cultural-theoretical Sociology’’, ‘‘Women Studies’’ and ‘‘Society and Security’’. Ultimately in 2020, based on the new structure of IHCS, the number of the groups of this faculty was reduced to 4 research groups, namely ‘‘Development and Social Changes Studies’’, ‘‘Women Studies’’, ‘‘Security and Social Issues Studies’’ and ‘‘Theoretical-Historical Sociology and Religions’’.



  • The carrying out theoretical and practical researches in social sciences based on epistemological, theoretical and empirical foundations for understanding the Iranian society and culture;
  • The studying the actions in historical structure of Iranian Society with regard to the reality that Iran is a continuous historical society;
  • Iranian- Islamic theorizing, providing domestic knowledge in the sphere of social security, presenting strategic guideline in the spheres of policy-making, executive and social system of Iran and creating a suitable background for comprehensive and sustainable advancement of social security;
  • The understanding the issues of Iran within the context of the Islamic world and understanding the issues of Islam within the Iranian context from a sociological point of view with emphasis on the study spheres of sociology of religion;
  • The problemology of women in the Iranian-Islamic society and responding to the main requirements and priorities of researches about women;
  • The understanding, analyzing and interpreting of the issues of comprehensive development in Iran from an extra-disciplinary perspective (involving sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, historical knowledge, psychology and other branches of social science), for facilitating a balanced, sustainable and comprehensive development through creation and knowledge pragmatics;
  • The researching and rethinking in the sociological and psychological issues and problems of the society and carrying out inter-cultural comparative studies in order to present strategic and domestic guidelines for the Iranian society;
  • The understanding, analyzing and Criticizing of sociological theories and presenting guidelines for studying the Iranian society and debate and critique in social and cultural issues and subjects through pragmatics of sociological theories.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • The conducting more than 130 completed research projects and 19 ongoing projects;
  • The holding lectures, meetings and workshops;
  • The publishing more than 700 articles and over 65 books;
  • The holding 5 Master’s degree courses of Social Science Research since 2013;
  • The holding PhD courses of Sociology of Environment for the first time in Iran;
  • The establishing two departments: Social Security Studies and Study of Social Changes;
  • The publishing the scientific-research Journal: Jame-e Pajouhi-e Farhangi (Cultural Social Studies) and Pajouheshnameh-e Zanan (Women Journal) since 2010.
Last Update At : 27 November 2023