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The background of the Research Center of Quranic Studies is associated with Quranic research projects carried out since 2001 specially the establishment of the Research Group of Quran and Narrations’ Knowledge in 2011. With the expansion of the activities of this group since 2015, this faculty began its activities within the framework of 3 research groups namely ‘‘Linguistic Studies of the Holy Quran’’, ‘‘Shia Narration (Hadith) Studies’’ and ‘‘Cultural and Historical Studies of the Holy Quran’’.


  • The exploring the issues related to the application of the teachings of prophet Muhammed’s households in identification and understanding of Quran with consideration of the association between Quran and the Shia Islam;
  • The developing interdisciplinary studies in order to extend the borders of knowledge in Quranic studies;
  • The suggesting research topics in Quranic studies with regard to the needs of Islamic Iran and the Muslim world;
  • The expanding scientific-cultural cooperation with universities and research institutions at national, regional and international levels with the aim of introducing Quran as a book for humans and salvation of mankind.

Scientific, Research and Educational Activities

  • The conducting 22 research projects and 9 ongoing projects;
  • The holding 8 national conferences, 1 international conference, 45 specialized sessions, 16 sessions of analysis and critiques of books, 40 educational workshops and 2 international educational workshops;
  • The publishing 54 books and 238 articles;
  • The holding Master’s courses of Quran and Narrations’ Knowledge since 2014;
  • To joint academic activities with research institutions and universities within Iran and abroad;
  • The establishing the Iranian Association of Quranic Studies and Islamic Culture and publishing the quarterly of ‘‘Interdisciplinary Studies of the Holy Quran’’.
Last Update At : 12 November 2023