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Quranic research has been conducted since the establishment of the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies in 1981.
Group of Quranic Studies established in 2010 and after a few years, the group's activities developed and became a faculty in 2015.
Faculty of Quranic Studies currently has three groups.

The Holy Book of the Quran is a huge collection of religious, moral, social and historical knowledge.
The Quran, the word of Allah has been offered to humanity to show them the ways of guidance and happiness.
Faculty of Quranic Studies is responsible for conducting research in the historical, cultural and linguistic fields of the Quran.

•    Identify and find key problems of research in the field of Quranic studies, commensurate with the needs of Iran and the Islamic world 
•    Explain deep connection between Quran and teachings of household of the Prophet (PBUH) 
•    customize, expand and deepen interdisciplinary Quranic studies 
•    Extend and develop domestic and international scientific-cultural relations


Last Update At : 18 December 2021