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1Gerami, Seyyed Mohamad HadiIdentifying historical approaches in Quranic studies with a native perspective2021-1-30
2Gerami, Seyyed Mohamad HadiRecognizing the esoteric and exaggerator (Ghulat) interpretive trends of Shia in the early centuries of hijri (second phase: the second half of the second century and the third century of hijri)2019-1-31
3Gerami, Seyyed Mohamad HadiRecognizing the interpretation method of exaggerators (Ghulat) and the discourse of Batin interpretation as the oldest type of Shiite interpretation2017-9-29
4Gerami, Seyyed Mohamad HadiSkills needed to work in an international environment2020-5-23
5Ghobadi, MaryamA comparative study of the current of interpretationism in the early interpretations of Sunni and Shia (fifth and sixth centuries)2013-11-30
6Ghobadi, MaryamA comparative study of the currents of interpretationism in the advanced Shia and Sunni interpretations (third and fourth centuries)2012-3-2
7Ghobadi, MaryamHistorical analysis of the status of educational programs in the field of Quranic and Hadith knowledges in terms of knowledge enhancement, skill enhancement and employment of graduates from the beginning of establishment (1986) to 20162019-6-25
8Ghobadi, MaryamSpecialized dictionary of the words and terms of narrations (hadith)2010-6-25
9Ghobadi, MaryamTaʾwīl (esoteric interpretation) in Shia and Sunni interpretations [sixth century: Rood al-Jinnan (Shia) and Kashaf (Sunni) (second phase)2016-5-23
10Ghobadi, MaryamTranslation of the book ''Ibn Qutayba's approach to interpreting the problem of the Qur'an and its impact on Qur'anic studies''2020-12-30
11Ghobadi, Maryam ; Baharzadeh, ParvinCompilation of the glossary of Iranian prominent figures in the field of hadith and hadith knowledge - between the 5th and 10th centuries of Hijri2004-5-23
12Mohagheghian, ZahraRepresentation of Gender and Sexuality in the Qur'anic Rhetoric2017-8-28
13Mohagheghian, ZahraDaughters of Allah in Pre-Islamic History2018-8-28
14Mohagheghian, ZahraDaughters of Allah in Islamic Tradition2022-3-3
15Mohagheghian, ZahraFemale Angelsin the Quran and Late Antiquity2020-3-2
16Pakatchi, AhmadThe theory of implication in the legacy of Muslim thinkers in the field of Quranic knowledge (the second stage from the 4th to the 6th century A.H.)2019-6-25
17Pakatchi, AhmadThe theory of implication in the legacy of Muslim thinkers in the Quranic field (first stage; before the 4th century A.H.)2018-6-25
18Pakatchi, Ahmad ; Soltani, Ali AsgharTypology of applied discourses and discourse analysis to Quranic studies2015-9-29
19Parsa, ForoughWomen's rights in Islam1992-6-14
20Parsa, ForoughA critical analysis of exegetic studies in Iran: Introducing formal reading approaches to the Quran2020-3-20
21Parsa, ForoughA critical analysis of exegetic studies in Iran:Introducing hermeneutic approaches to the Qur'an2022-5-8
22Parsa, ForoughA critical analysis of exegetic studies in Iran:Introducing fundamentalist (Salafi) approaches to the Quran2023-4-3
23Parsa, ForoughA survey on the biography of Fatima Al Zahra2019-1-31
24Parsa, ForoughThe History of Shiiteinterpretations: Introducing the works of the 10th-11th century(AH)2010-3-3
25Parsa, ForoughThe History of Shiite interpretations: Introducing the works of the 12th-13th century (AH)2011-8-28
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