Report of 1st day


Registration and introduction

On Wednesday, 2nd October, 2019, the first day of the Iranian studies course, participants were first registered at the institute for humanities and cultural studies and workshop program presented to them.


Visiting Malek Museum

After registering, guests went to center of Tehran 30 Tir St. to visit the National Malek Museum and its Library. There, Mr. Noshad Rokni, the Honorable Head of the Department of Cultural Information and Technical Preservation, guide them to visit various departments such as; science in Islamic Iran, arts and life, Hezar dastan [thousands of stories], stamps and coins as well as the library hall.


Show of "bāde sabā" [The Lover Wind]

After visiting museum, in collaboration with Farabi Cinema Foundation, Albor Lamouris's documentary film "Bāde Sabā" (1968) about the nature and the people of Iran was screened in Abbas Kiarostami's Hall, and guests had a virtual screenings on the nature, urban and rural landscapes of Iran in their first day of trip to Iran.


Last Update At : 25 November 2019