The Report on the Process of Activities Carried out to Hold the 100th anniversary of Contemporary Persian Literature

20 September 2021 | 10:02 Code : 21281 important news
The Report on the Process of Activities Carried out to Hold the 100th anniversary of Contemporary Persian Literature

In order to hold the 100th Anniversary of Contemporary Persian Literature, the International office for Scientific Cooperation at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies has prepared the following arrangements for the festival:

- Preparing posters, teasers and festival advertisements

- Announcement of scientific sponsors

- Presenting a diary of the work done

- Holding weekly meetings with the executive team (from, 16, July 2021)

- Creating online platforms for information, holding pre-sessions and sharing scientific activities of the festival: Persian and English website, Instagram, Telegram, Face book and e-mail

- Preparing audio and video files of professors and specialists online or in-person interviews (for sharing in cyberspace)

- Holding 12 Instagram sessions in collaboration with the Research Deputy of the Iranian Artists Forum, which has held four sessions so far as follows:

- The first session of these series was held on 24, Aug. 2021 on "Contemporary Persian Literature and New Media" with the presence of Dr. Saman Javaherian, researcher and teacher of literature and hosted by Dr. Ramak Ramyar. The concept of contemporary literature and its challenging relationship with emerging media was one of the main topics of discussion.

- The second session of joint meetings with the Iranian Artists Forum was held on 31, Aug. 2021 on "Situation and Issues of Contemporary Persian Poetry" with the presence of Dr. Vahid Eidgah Torqabehi, Assistant Professor of Persian Language and Literature, University of Tehran and hosted by Dr. Ramak Ramyar.

- On Tuesday 7, Sep. 2021 the third session of pre-sessions of the 100th Anniversary of Contemporary Persian Literature on the subject of Persian song from the beginning until today with the participation of Iranian Artists Forum was held. The guest of this conversation was Hassan Alishiri, who is a songwriter and researcher in the field of song and a member of the song house since 2001. His collection of songs has been published in three books entitled We Were Together" and Our Private Tehran and We Are Songwriters. Reza Zanganeh, a professor and researcher of Persian literature, hosted the conversation, who himself is a special in composing poetry and songs.

- On Tuesday, 14, Sep 2021 the fourth session of the series of presentations of the 100th Anniversary of Contemporary Persian Literature was held. In this meeting, Dr. Azadeh Sharifi and Dr. Zeinab Afzali were the guests of this program. The topic of this conversation was about "teaching contemporary Persian literature". How to teach literature in high school? Contemporary Persian Literature against Centuries of Ancient Literature is there a place for education? Should the way of teaching contemporary literature be different from ancient literature? Dr. Azadeh Sharifi is one of the experienced teachers of high school, entrance exam and literary Olympiads and Dr. Zeinab Afzali is an experienced teacher in Dr. Chamran University of Ahvaz.

- Preparation of the yearbook of contemporary Persian literature from 1921 based on the year of creation of literary and artistic works and its inclusion in Instagram, Telegram and the festival site.

- Agreement with the Farabi Cinema Foundation to hold a joint meeting with the Children and Adolescents Festival prepare 3 film essays on the history of literary adaptation in Iranian cinema, the pathology of these adaptations and a review of famous directors in this field.

- Negotiation and correspondence with the municipalities of Tehran and Isfahan for the nomination of a passage and a garden called Contemporary Persian Literature

-Correspondence with the Ministry of Communications to issue a commemorative stamp

- Holding a virtual exhibition of contemporary Persian literature in collaboration with the National Library Documentation Center

- Inviting prominent domestic professors and writers to lecture at the festival

- Correspondence and negotiations with a significant number of personalities and scientific institutions abroad that will highlight the international part of the festival.

- Visiting the executive Committee of the Persian Contemporary Literature  Festival to the library of professor Minavi. On Saturday, 11, Sep. 2021 the executive committee of the festival visited the library of Professor Minavi and interviewed with Dr. Mohammad Dehghani about the library and the characteristics of the scientific personality of Professor Minavi.

- The scientific secretary of the festival visited the ICOM Institute (Iranian museums) located in Parvin Etesami's house and interviewed with Dr. Mohit Tabatabai about the need to hold 100-year-old festivals on various cultural issues. It was also decided to hold a virtual tour of influential places in cultural currents in the last one hundred years on the Thursday of 23. Sep. 2021 in cooperation with the festival and ICOM.

For more information, visit the festival website at the following address:

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