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Institute for humanities and cultural studies

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1981 with the approval of the state board, 12 institutes which were active in different fields and had research activities were merged. They established a center which was entitled "Organization of cultural Studies” and started to work under the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education.

Merged institutions consisted of: Association of Philosophy of Iran, Shahnameh Foundation, the Iranian Culture Foundation, the Foundation of Culture and Arts, Institute of Development and Communication Sciences, Humanities Research Institute, Academy of Iranian Literature and Arts, the Academy of Language, Academy of Science, Asian cultural documents Center, Iranian Center for international studies and Iranian Center of cultures

After the change of organizational chart of “Institute for Cultural Studies” in 1990, by "Council of Higher Education”, its name changed to research center. Subsequently its final organizational chart was approved by the state employment office in June 1993.

In 1994, the Supreme Council of Research in the Humanities Research center selected the title of "the research center for Humanities and Cultural Studies" to emphasize the trends of humanities science in this research center.

Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies is a research institute that mainly carrying out research in the humanities fields(literature, history, philosophy and science, legal, and religious faith, mysticism, linguistics, social sciences, comparative economics, political science, etc. .) and also serves as a study  center of human cultures. Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies is currently the country's largest research center in the field of humanities that tries to do research in the field of humanities and recognition of Iranian – Islamic cultures.

Faculty members and researchers of this institute who are as the legacy of Islamic - Iranian culture and science try to save this inherited gain and diligently enrich them.

Research center goals and duties

Research and study in all of the fields of humanities science and cultural studies is one of the main tasks of this research center.

At the moment future perspectives and missions of the research center are changing based on today’s world so we hope that this research center can have an active and important role in the humanities science filed. However, given the current state, the most important responsibilities of various departments of the institute can be summarized in the following two cases:

The first main task of the Institute is doing research in the field of Humanities and Cultural Studies that "Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies' Office is supervising the implementation of research projects and track their publication under the research center directorate.

The second task is to train highly qualified researchers in various fields related to humanities, through the graduate parts.

Research parts and research groups

Research groups are responsible for planning, coordination, supervision, guidance, support and implementation of research projects in the framework of regulations and policies. 11 Research groups in various disciplines are engaged in research in specialized fields. These groups include:

1-Institute of Language and Literature (Research groups: fundamental literature on various subjects, interdisciplinary research, translation, literature and social applications)

2- Research Institute of Iran's history (Research groups: economic history, social history, cultural history, political history of Iran, Iran's Cultural history)

3 -Institute of Comparative Studies in Economics and Management (Research groups: economic thought, comparative economic, economic systems, strategic management, science and research and cultural management)

4- Institute of Social Studies (research groups:  theoretical cultural sociology, Psychological Study of Social Issues,  historical Sociology of Iran,  Islam and Iranian culture, development studies, social security, women's studies)

5 -Institute of Linguistics (research groups: the theoretical field, field of application, interdisciplinary field)

6- Institute for Cultural Studies and Communication (Research groups: Theoretical studies of politics, culture and communications, strategic and applied research, interdisciplinary studies in culture and communication)

7- Institute for Political Thought, Revolution and Islamic Civilization (Research Groups: Politics theoretical studies, practical studies of politics, international relations, political philosophy, theorizing Islamic Revolution, Islamic Civilization)

8- Institute of Contemporary Philosophy (research groups: a comparative study of Sufism, the Qur'an and Hadith Studies, Islamic Contemporary  Philosophy , Philosophy for Children (Fbk), theology and philosophy of religion)

9- Institute of West Science and Research (research groups: the history and civilization of the West, religion and culture of the modern West, future studies, history and science of civilization, logic of methodology, philosophy of science and technology)

10 Research of Ethics and Education (research groups: fundamental ethics Studies, applied ethics studies, philosophy of education and training, psychology, and psychology)

11- Institute of Comparative Law (Research groups: prevention and criminology, law of media, philosophy and law, family, intellectual property rights, critical studies of human rights, law and economics)


Graduate programs and training courses

Since 1989 the Institute has hold courses and programs along with its main work as doing research. Today with more than 30 years’ experience in performing graduate programs, it has 12 programs in MA level and 10 programs in PhD level.

For the first time in 1989 in the fields of Persian Language and Literature, History of Iran in Islamic period and general linguistics in graduate level were launched. In 1997 and the establishment of political science, marking the launch of PhD programs at the institute.


MA programs are including: Persian Language and Literature / General Linguistics / Iranian history / Ancient culture and languages / Religion and Spirituality / West philosophy / theology and Islamic philosophy / Arabic language and literature / Economic Sciences / Research Social Science / Religion and Media / Media Manager

Ph.D. degrees are Political Science / General Linguistics / Ancient Languages and Cultures / Persian Language and Literature / Philosophy of Science and Technology /. History of Muslim / Revolution and Islamic civilization / Iran after Islam / Transcendent Philosophy / Philosophy of Religion

During these 25 years, 1,184 students in 20 different humanities disciplines accepted. Knowledge production and publishing more than 600 scientific works, dissertations and theses in the fields of professional and training more than 770 graduate students and researchers in this area are Institute' Fame. The main approach in Advanced Studies programs are now moving to research-based programs.

Central Library

Central Library of the Institute is in the main building. This Library was formed in 1982 from the merger of several other series and now is one of the richest collections in the humanities in country. The library's collection has over 100 thousand books that about 45 thousand volumes of books are in Persian and Turkish and about 55 thousand volumes in English, French, German, Russian and other languages.

This library has also an archive of over 50 thousand copies of publications in Persian, English and French that are available in 803 Persian periodical and 385 periodicals are in English and French.

In addition, more than1000 MA and PhD theses, and a limited number of manuscripts, CD and maps are available in the library. Using the library is possible for all of the researchers and students. Faculty members, researchers, staff and research students can borrow books in accordance with approved standards.

Also, professionals, researchers and students in the humanities across the country can be in contact through library's electronic system with library staff and can get their required information easily.

Besides the Central Library, the library of professor Minavi which is located in Shariati Ave. and is dedicated by the late Professor M. Minavi is one of the centers which is related to research institute. The library's collection is over 20 thousand books in different languages and cultures in the field of Iranian Studies.

Also on the second floor of the same building (Minavi) is the late scholar's Danesh Pajooh library which has about 4500 books in different languages. Notably, all the resources in this library are searchable via Internet.

Research center’s Publications

 Institute publications aimed at the production and distribution of books and publications of researchers inside and outside of the institute. With respect to existing facilities and experiences, today book publication capacity has increased from 20 to more than 60 titles per year. More than 700 books have been published in this unit.

Research institute publication part works based on legislation "of publishing council" and tries to publish researchers’ works, including plans adopted by the institute or non-duty ones. If the work of a non-member Institute researchers or scholars is also approved, it will be published by the publication part as well.

Other departments and centers

 Research Center of Imam Ali (AS)

 Identifying and providing the theoretical and practical aspects of social life and traditions of Imam Ali (AS) to the human society to move towards Alavi community is the goal of establishing this center.

Humanities literature and books' Council

Humanities literature and books’ Council was stablished in 1995 to contribute to the development of the human sciences, help to increase knowledge of the scientific community, cultural and educational planners, and help teachers and students about the quality of the published literature.


Asian Cultural Center

This center which aims to develop cultural understanding between the United Nations was founded in 1976 in Tehran. The center shall collect, classify and disseminate information relating to the cultural documents. Encouragement and assisting the research and cultural studies from other Asian nations and train researchers in this area is the center's responsibility.

Scientific journals

 Several scientific journals are publishing by the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies and research groups of the related fields. Scientific journals are as the following:

Journal of a critical study of literature and humanities programs: literature review, research and training programs and methods of execution of humanities plans

Journal of a social and economic history: studies in the social and economic history of Iran

 Afagh Alhezarah magazine: Arabic and Islamic sciences, including research in theology, jurisprudence and Islamic history

Journal of history: studies in the history of the first cultural history

 Research Journal of Science and Religion: Research in fields of study related to science and religion

 Journal of Contemporary Persian Literature: Contemporary Literary Studies, research on contemporary poetry and proses such as stories, poetry, humor, literary theory and comparative literature in relation to the contemporary world

Journal of Logical Research: Research on the threads of old logic, new logic, philosophy of logic, comparative logic

Journal of Comparative Economics: comparative studies of Economic theories between schools and interdisciplinary studies of economic

 Journal of Contemporary Philosophy: Studies in philosophy, theology and mysticism of contemporary Muslim

 Journal of ancient Persian literature: study of ancient texts, poetry and prose, editing texts, literature and literary criticism in Persian literature

Journal of Social History: Research in social issues from a historical poit of view

Journal of Linguistic: Research on historical linguistics and public

 Journal of Child and thinking: Research related to rehabilitation and creative thinking in children

 Journal of west issues: basic research on fundamental philosophies of West

 Journal of Women's Studies: study in the fields of politics, culture and economy of the dignity of women

Alavi Journal: Research on Education and Culture of Alavi

 Journal of Cultural Studies: Research on topics of sociology, anthropology, social psychology and cultural approach

 Journal of the Philosophy of Religion: The study of the fundamental issues in philosophy of religion

Journal of Media and Culture: Research on the Role of Media in Culture and mutual impression

Journal of Philosophy of Science: Theoretical Study of scientific research in the philosophy of science with an emphasis on theoretical aspects of science

Journal of contemporary political essays: studies related to the theory and practice of politics and political thought in Islam

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Institute for humanities and cultural studies
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