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Office of International and Scientific Cooperation 

Office of International and Scientific Cooperation is one of the offices which conduct under the supervising of research deputy. while having some ordinary and routine task, this office is also responsible in regulating research matters with internal and external research institutions .This office also tries to pursue related policies and programs to develop relationships with domestic and foreign universities as well as research institutes. The main objective of this office is in strengthening the credibility of science and research in domestic and international arena. This office has been responsible for various agreements with academic institutions and the executive organizations in and out of the country. The main duties of the office in a general category are as follows: 

Administration affairs: This category includes administrative tasks such as tracking the Institute’s president and the delegation accompanying on foreign trips, coordinating research activities related to scientific meetings, pay dues and foreign scientific research institutions, translation of research degree graduates , and coordinate internal and external research interactions with the institutional framework of the Ministry of Science, Research, and technology.

Regulatory affairs: regulatory affairs activities include the study and observation of scientific developments, internal or external research projects and identify areas of their operation and also reflect the activities and scientific research achievements of the Institute in the domestic and international arena.

Internal cooperation: This kind of cooperation includes active interactions with domestic universities and research centers. The outstanding outputs of these interactions are agreements and cooperation contracts between Institute and internal organizations.

International cooperation: This type of cooperation is done with the motivation of introducing IHCS to other international research institutes as well as using their capacities to improve the state of the institute in universal level. The outputs of these activities are in the form of international contract and agreements.

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