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The Quran study group is an independent group which was produced with the interdisciplinary approach while tries to use the last updated methods in doing research projects. This group intends to show the strong relationship between Quran’s teachings and the Shi School in all its activities. In this regard, the use of other sciences as linguistic, history, philosophy and sociology are important and essential. The Quran studies group, paying attention to this issue that Quran is a heavenly book that can solve all the problems of mankind, tries to extract these solutions from the context of this powerful book. The Quranic group is interested in working actively with other Quranic centers of inside and outside the country and have close relationship with them.


The Quranic group consists of two parts:

 a) Research part                                             b) education part


General goals of these two parts as a whole are:


Improving the situation of Quranic studies in scientific International and National societies


Introducing Quranic studies of Shiites in international level


Institutionalization of Quranic studies in humanities science


Revolutionary changing in educational planning of Quranic studies in Universities of the country


Using the Quranic solutions in solving the social problems




Having relationship with Quranic centers of inside and outside of the country


Determining the research priorities in relation to doubts and social needs


Recognizing the applicable fields of Quranic concepts


Implementing the Quranic projects with shiism centrality


Scientific answering to proposed questions and problems in the world and western countries in the field of Quranic concepts


Training expert researchers and scientists in the field of Quran’s science


Action plan:


Performing Quranic projects suitable with group’s aims


Introducing Quranic course at the MA level


Preparing a professional scientific journal of Quranic studies


Holding annual scientific conferences at the international level


Holding training workshops at the national and local level


Holding conferences and Quranic lectures related to the group’s aims


Research priorities:


Doing research projects in the field of Quran’s language


Doing research projects in the field of Quran’s interpretation and hermeneutics


Compiling important Quran entries for use in…


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