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Studying the country's security structure shows that there are at least nine decision-making bodies and authorities in security affairs. These bodies mostly have no structural and systemic relationship with each other. Even in cases where policy-making councils (such as Supreme National Security Council) or coordination councils (such as Country Security Council) have been predicted, decision-makings are not based on a profound professional and investigative work within the above-mentioned councils and institutions, and greatly have had the attention drawing aspect to incorporate the different bodies. Consequently, the proceedings have had the temporary nature and we have never had a long-term program in the social security category.    

The experience has shown that the main concerns of the security authorities in the country are national security and domestic security, both of which might be inferred as "the state security"; while the greatest problems from people's perspective is "the individual and social security" or "people security". Unfortunately, during the past years we were not able to define in a single framework two concepts of "state security" and "people security"; and this situation will continue so long as all the professional investigations concentrate in the existing official and administrative bodies.

In past, when the "security" word was used, perhaps the first imagination was about a patrol official and a cop, which tranquility was being created and maintained in each corner of city in his shadow, so that if he was being absent some days, insecurity was being created. In the other words, in past, the security with physical means of its establishment was greatly conventional. But nowadays, this pattern has lost its applicability and the hidden and non-physical factors of security creation have found more than ever importance. Subsequent to this change in situation, the role of different organization in creation and maintenance of security has highlighted and it is not further possible to expect the supply of social security from one Ministry or a particular force. 

Master Plan of Societal Security Studies

Research Project Introduction

Master Plan of Societal Security Studies

The notion of “security” dates back to human history. According to history, the need for security and the necessity for secure feeling have been the major concern of human being even before the emergence of human societies. Security has been mentioned as a blessing by Allah in the Holy Quran. This blessing paves the way for utilizing other Allah’s blessings; i.e. the rest of blessings such as welfare, wealth, science etc. wouldn’t have had any effect, hadn’t been security. Security is among those blessings that Allah has reminded human beings of it, as says in the Holy Quran (Ghoraysh surah, verses 3-4): “people should worship God of this House; because He has bestowed them blessings of welfare and security.” Allah promises to prepare a completely competent society for the righteous very soon, in which fears turn into security. Such an emphasis in our religious resources indicates the importance of security for human beings ...more

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