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The Duties and Options of the Graduate School Dean

The Duties and Options of the Graduate School Dean:

- Constant upgrading of research and educational quality of the courses

- Increasing the number of M.A. and PhD courses

- Preparing the grounds for launching postgraduate courses especially research-oriented ones in all humanities fields.

- Commitment in acquiring more knowledge about and launching the needed and undefined postgraduate courses such as international courses, virtual education courses, postdoctoral courses, and research-oriented courses

- Preparing the grounds for the development of postgraduate education in foreign countries

- Creating databases and the needed software and using information networks (web) for postgraduate educational services

- Delivering educational services and administrating all the educational affairs of postgraduate courses

- Evaluating the scientific and practical educational progress of students and making decisions concerning their education

- Administrating the affairs related to theses and dissertations and directing the theses based on the research priorities

- Administrating the affairs related to the preparation and formulation of administrative policies

- Preparing and formulating the general principles of programs and educational statutes and observing their administration

- Observing the selection and admission of students

- Administrating the acts of the Postgraduate Education Council

- Planning for the development of the institute’s postgraduate courses

- Coordinating, observing, and assessing all the postgraduate affairs


Dr. Hadi Vakili

Dean of the Graduate School


The management, and administration of all educational affairs,

testing affairs, student admission, students’ research affairs,

teachers’ affairs, students’ services and cultural affairs, graduate affairs,

students’ documents and educational degrees is the major duty of the dean of the graduate school.

Educational and Testing Affairs Office:

Expert: Mr. Mohsen Shirdel Kasgari

Expert: Ms. Behnaz Afzali Harsini

 Promoting the quality of teaching and education is the main goal of

Education and Testing Affairs Office of the Graduate School.

 Administrating the rules and regulations of the semester registration, course taking,

adding or dropping courses, organizing classes, arranging with teachers, students,

and departments to administer the educational programs and tests,

preparing educational report cards, guiding and giving counsel to students, and dealing with the educational problems and issues of students are among the duties of this office.

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