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The Introduction of Religion Philosophy Department

The Religion Philosophy Department with permission of chancellor of the Research Center was established in 2009 by aim of localization of contemporary religion philosophy, research and dynamism in the scientific society of the country.
The introduction of current activities and researches:

One of the  programs of this department is holding conferences about  religion philosophy. In 2009 and 2010 , 8 conferences were held,and in 2011, 10 more conferences will be held.

Moreover ,the National Summit of Religious Cognition and the International Summit of Moslem and Christain Philosophers Talk were held in 2010 and also 2 other national summit will be held in 2011.Meanwile,during the metioned conferences, the religion philosophy department has gathered 4 article –based books in the field of religion language, theology, evil and religious experiment that will be released.

This department also has a close cooperation with Religion Philosophy Association of Iran. Furthermore, the religion philosophy department has a wide collaboration with religion philosophy research journals. With a national plan, this department has compiled articles with the presence of sixteen skilled professors in different subjects and by localizing the subjects they tried to contrive a new debate regarding philosophical-Islamic tradition. All of these articles will be released till the end of current year in a volume with 650 pages under the title of A Manual to Religion Philosophy. The Religion Philosophy Department will classify all articles and journals in ten volumes with the help of Research Council Board and all mentioned professors will translate, analyze and consider them by introducing substitute model as well. This series is under preparation and will be published till the end of 2012.

The Presentation of Materials:

All accomplishments related to this plan belong to the research center and they all can be rendered thoroughly.

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