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The P4C group started its work officially from 2007 in Institute for humanities and cultural studies (IHCS) and got its permission of Ministry of Education in 2008. From that time this group is following these aims:

a) Preparing a basic solution for changing educational system of Iran from memory based to thinking based and improving the judgment power, decision making and selection criteria

b) Preparing a program for teaching thinking and training general research in Iran’s education system

c) Compiling and preparing an applicable model of P4C in the schools of the country

d) Improving the society toward morality and training our citizens by changing the educational system

P4C parts have done various measurements for the purpose of developing thinking that some of them includes:

Holding training workshops for introducing P4C programs
Holding educational workshops in the form of question and answer
Holding teacher training workshops for P4C programs
Holding internet based workshops for teacher training and asking questions
Holding workshops for localizing the P4C stories
Holding workshops for children’s fiction
Holding translation workshops for translating P4C stories
Holding workshop for introducing educational methods of critical thinking
Holding scientific debates
Holding speaking sessions in the field of theoretical and practical foundations for P4C
Holding professional meetings with Iranian and other countries professors
Publishing books and magazines in the field of P4C
Publishing the magazine of child and thinking  

  • P4C parts:
  • Part of critical thinking
        • Part of literature and fiction
        • Translation partInternational relation part
        • Psychology part
        • Training and education part

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