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The department of studies on women’s issues began its activities in 1985; and due to the special characteristics of the objectives and activities, was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education in 1993, and continued its activities in the Institute for the humanities and cultural studies as an independent department.

Goals of Women’s Issues Group

Goals of Women’s Issues:


The Main Objectives:

·        Pathology and Solution for women’s issues by a comprehensive and coordinated model with the evolution of Islam

·        Coordination and coherence research plans in different aspects of women’s issues, through the design of communication network of women scientists.



·        To achieve the assessment and decision making features of solving women’s problems on development

·        To achieve the functional equations to set an optimal system, the recognition of the present state and transition schedule

·        Research on issues critical to women in the form of organization


Subordinate Objectives:

·        To provide actual plans for women’s social activities in accordance with national planning

·        To identify the needs of women during Islamic development

Groups that are More Associated with Women’s Issues

·        Research institute for social sciences

·        Research institute for comparative economic studies



The study of research on women’s issues (In the last twenty years in Iran)


Introduction to Women Status in Turkey


Collected Scientific and Research Papers in ten years (2000 -2010) of Women and the Family, On the Basis of Scientific- Research  Journal List Approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Department of the Humanities) 


Capacity of Creating Job Opportunities for Women in major Economic activities with the Approach to National Economic Fourth Development Plant


The Survey of Research on Women’s Issues (In the Last Twenty Years in Iran)


Book Making Plan «Economic Literature Feminist Trends»

Thematic Content Analysis of Scientific-Research Papers « of Woman and the Family» in the Scientific Journals, Approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Department of the humanities During  the Years 2000- 2011)



·        Two Quarterly «Women Dissertation», First year, Second Issue, Fall and Winter 2010

·        Two Quarterly «Women Dissertation», First year, Second Issue, Spring and Summer 2010

·         The Quarterly of Culture, for Women Studies, No. 70, Summer 2009 

·         The Quarterly of Culture, for Women Studies, No. 48, Summer 2005




Workshop «Family, Ethics and Security in Cyberspace», February 21, 2011


·        Workshop «Women Employment and Mental health», October 6, 2011

·         International Workshop «Women and Family Studies», September 6-10, 2011

·        Workshop «Women, Multiple Roles and Time Management », July 25, 2011       

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