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Islamic Culture, Revolution and Civilization

Objectives of the Institute:

Islamic Culture, Civilization and Revolution Institute was founded to review, research and study the issues related to Islamic civilization and how it relates to the Islamic Culture and Revolution. Though the relation of Islamic culture and civilization with the revolution may indicate reviewing the Islamic civilization in a range of history, it aims at designating the future prospects of Islamic civilization before and beyond that based on the ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

In this approach studying the civilizational potential of Islamic revolution, also achievements of the Islamic Revolution for Muslim countries and civilization-building capacities of Islamic culture are included in the institute’s objectives.

Islamic Awakening is the prerequisite and an introduction to the Islamic civilization. So studying related issues to the Islamic awakening is among other matters concerned with the objectives of the Institute.

Research on influential figures in the Islamic awakening in Iran as well as Islamic nations is also involved in the objectives of the institute.

Plans in Progress


Studying the Islamic Awakening in Recent Centuries,

with Emphasis on the Thoughts of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Mrs. Batool Yousefi

Islamic Civilization and the West

Mr. Seyed Mohammad Taghi Hosseini

The Position and Engagement with Public Opinion in the Quran

Mr. Muhammad Tayyab Sahraie

Islamic Awakening and Its Role in the Realization of Islamic Civilization

Mr. Abuzar Mazaheri Moghadam

 Recovery of Islamic Civilization and the Future of the World

Mr. Mostafa Ome Talab



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