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Political Science Research Groups/Departments


This Institute consists of three groups/departments as follows:                                                            


Research Projects Conducted within the Institute

Research Projects Conducted within the Institute:

1.   Analysis of Orientalists perspective on Islamic political thought

2.   Project of “Bibliography of Political literature/texts”

3.   Project of “Islam and International Relations”

4.   Project of Islam and Social Philosophy

5.   Project of text recognition (recognizing texts’ sources) of Political Jurisprudence

6.   Project of political philosophy in Islam and West

see abstracts of these project ...


Projects in Progress:

*Relationship between government and religion from fall of Isfahan to beginning of Qajar reign

*Political Guardianship in Quran

*A comparative study of foreign policy grounds of Islamic Republic of Iran as well as Justice Party and Development of Turkey


Completed Projects:

*Studying nature and evolution trend of “Islamic Civilizations and Society” based on theory of "Philosophy of History" theorized by Motahari and Ibn Khaldun

*Explaining a functioning/effective model in study of identity crisis

*Political Islamic jurisprudence (jurisprudence approach adopted in establishment of Islamic state)

*Religion and International Relations

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