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Subgroups of Social Science Research Center:


Headed by Dr. Nooraei

*Social and Cultural Issues:

Headed by Dr. Mohammadi

*Development Studies:

Headed by Dr. Moayed Hekmat

Introduction of Research Center:

With the merge of “Humanities Research Center” and “Research Center of Communication and Development Science of Iran” with 10 other institutions and research centers having academic activities before 1978, the new “Institute of Cultural Studies and Researches” (related to Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) started the new round of scientific – research activities since 1981.

In 1990, ex-manager of institute offered the new structure of research center entitled “Research Center of Humanities and Cultural Studies” (including research centers, scientific groups, …) to the Board of Trustees to be approved totally in 1993 passing legal processes. The new structure of Social Sciences Department including three sections of “Sociology”, “Social and Cultural Issues” and “Development Studies” continued its scientific – research activities.


Aiming the following goals, this Research Center is established due to importance and necessity of social and cultural issues of society:

*Theoretical and applied study and research in various fields of social science

*Efforts to promote research cooperation in social sciences, and exchange of scientific information with other research and executive institutes nationally and internationally

*Consulting services in the field of social sciences for researchers, students and internal and external research centers

*Establishment and development of information network in different fields of social science, and cooperation to recognize and distribute research results

Concluded Projects
*Typology of child abuse in Iran
*Considering  prevalence of stimulants, alcohol and psychotropic drugs among 15-35 years old teens and youths in Tehran
*An Introduction to Identify Obvious Cultural Values embedded in a selection of Persian Proverbs and Interpretations (under publication) - concluded in 2006 as supervisor
*Study of Developmental Comparison between Iran and Japan – ordered by Culture Section (unknown publication status) – concluded in 2009 as coauthor
*Sociological Consideration, Appearance of some Components of Western Culture in Iran and Obvious Reactions against them during the Last 150 Years (Unknown publication status) – concluded in 2002 as supervisor and coauthor
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