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History Department

  • History department has started its work along with the establishment of the IHCS’s work (Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies). This part is one of the oldest parts of IHCS which started its work before Iran’s Islamic Revolution as “History Society” and after that as “History Department”. History Society used to hold the series of congresses related to Iranian research and the collection of scientific meetings of Iranian studies with the help of great professors. Great professors as the late Dr. Jahangir Ghaem Maghami, Dr. Abdol Hossein Navayi, Dr.Abdol Hossein Zarrin koob, Dr. Abbas Zaryab Khoyi, Mr. Mohammad Taghi Danesh Pajooh, Mr. Mojtaba Minavi, Ebrahim Poor Davood, ……has worked in this department.

Activities and different Parts:

  • *Iran’s History before Islam
  • *Iran’s History in Islam Period
  • *Iran’s contemporary History
  • *Iran’s Social History

Each mentioned part of the department is responsible to do research projects either individually or as a group work and submit it in the determinate time. In history department, a lot of applied and fundamental research projects are doing with the purpose of reinforcement or reviving historical, national and religious identity of Iran. These research projects will pave the way of improving critical, analytical and applied research skills of historians in the field of Iran’s history.

In addition to performing research projects individually or in group, the faculty members of history department are also active in education, consulting and referring in dissertations.

The History department’s tasks

The history department’s task are fulfilling under the supervision of the head of the IHCS and the department’s research council. Research council members of the department are as follows:


Dr. Parvin Torkamani Azar  (head of the department and  head of the Iran’s history in Islamic period part).

Dr. Shahram Yousefifar      (head of the part of Iran’s social history)

Dr. Ehsan Eshraghi,           (Consultant Professor)

Dr. Safoora Broomand       (Supervisor of the part “Iran’s history before Islam”)


History Department’s meetings :

Meetings of the History Department consist of all the personnel including all faculty members, all experts of culture, research and education parts.


Related tasks of the meeting:

* Discussion and exchange of views about the common affairs of the department.

* Surveying and criticizing research projects which are performing or has performed recently.

* Research activities of the faculty members

History Department and the future perspectives

  • Changing the History Department to a fundamental and applied history department at the national level.
  • Introducing the importance of the history at the national level.
  • Changing the history science to an applied science while using the experience of the past people and try to solve the problems of the today society of Iran with the help of this applied science.

History department specialty magazines:

  • *Historical queries magazine
*Social history research magazine
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