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Linguistic in IRAN

Linguistic in its common term which means “considering a language” has an old background in Iran. Some related activities and studies to language such as invention of different calligraphy for writing different texts as Avestan or pahlavi or for preparing different dictionaries or glossaries goes back to more than 2000 years ago. Iranian's role in surveying different languages of Islamic period has been very outstanding and many famous people have helped in flourishing and growth of this discipline.

Efforts which done for changing Iranian calligraphy to Aramaic/ Arabic calligraphy, surveying and description of etymological, syntactical, lexical and semantic role of Arabic language  is associates  with the name of scientists as: Buali sina, Sybvey, Firooz Abadi and many Iranian scientist. Beginning of new linguistic in west, as most people believe, was simultaneous with the publication of Ferdinand de Saussure’s book (Course in General Linguistics) which contained opinions and theories of him in 1916.

In Iran considering new linguistic issues in terminology and programming of language was first started with the establishment of First Academy in 1935 with the presidency of Mohammad Ali Forooghi and after a long period with the establishment of the Second Academy in 1970 with the presidency of Dr. Sadegh kia....more 
The Historic languages and culture part professors

The Historic languages and culture part professors are:

Dr. Omid Behbahani (The head of the part)

Dr.Zohreh Zarshenas (faculty member)

Dr.Farzaneh Ghashtasb (faculty member)

Dr. Mahshid Mirfakhrayi (faculty member)

Masoomeh Ehsani( Expert staff)

Mahvash Latifi ( Staff)

The faculty board is as follows

The faculty board is as follows:

The head of the school is Dr. Mostafa Asi

The General Linguistic part professors are:                   

Dr. Azita Afrashi (The head of the part)

Dr. Yahya Modarresi( faculty member)

Dr. Hossein Safi Pirlojeh( faculty member)

Dr. Ahmad Saffar Moghaddam( faculty member)

Dr. Zohreh Behjoo( faculty member)

Sheida Etezadi (Expert Staff)

Anahita Partovi (Expert Staff)

Ongoing research projects
*Introduction to historical linguistics (second edition)
*Dialect Dictionary/Glossary of Behdinan Yazd city
*Descriptive glossary of inlay and sudatory (mosaic tile work or mosaic and inlay)
*Creating a database for Persian language using computers (Phase 3)
*Preparing a specific encyclopedia for certain names (or known terms) including Iranian plateau and Central Asia
*Investigating speech dialect and slang terms of Persian language of Tehran city
*Developing an encyclopedia for "words’ association" in Persian language.
*Investigating Naein dialect
*Persian speech for non-Farsi speakers (developing a pamphlet with subject of how to speak in Persian especially designed for individuals who don’t know Persian)
*Vocabulary associated with Saeb poems(vocabularies which are used in Saeb poems)from social linguistics perspective
*Language Sociology (Language, Migration, Planning)
*Persian Language Database
*Investigating novel information technology applications in studies related to Iranian linguistic and Persian language
*Comparing structure and construction of Nahavandi, Malayeri Bor oujerdi dialects



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