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Literature department with the chairmanship of Dr. Abolghasem Radfar

has about 17 members of department, 11 experts and 12 personnel in contract.

All personnel and experts are working in the following 3 parts.

* Literary research parts with the supervision of Dr. Zahra  Parsapoor

          • * Lexicography with the supervision of Dr. Maryam Sharif Nasab

                      • * Text correction group with the supervision of Dr. Abolghasem Radfar

General Objectives

*Saving old and historic texts and preventing them from destruction in the process of correction and annotation.
*Saving Persian language and Old Persian terminology by writing and compiling historic and contemporary dictionaries.
*Doing fundamental research in different literary fields in order to find the answer for other research centers literary problems in the national and international levels.
*Doing different research projects for enforcement and explanation of contemporary literature in the fields of story, play, poems and satire…
*Publishing different books and articles in relation to needs of the society.
*Training of expert personnel in all the related fields
Publishing Books
In the field of literature
*Philology and syntax
*Dictionaries and rhetoric, Office of messages
*Poems, Poetry and collection of poems
*Stories , anecdotes and Epics
*Book of Arts in general
In the field of Art in Islam
*Architecture and the building of mosques and Islamic buildings
*Line, books and pictures in the Islamic era
*Eulogies and prophetic shrines and praises of Al- Bayt



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