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Institute for humanities and cultural studies (IHCS) is a research based institute which is mainly responsible for research in humanities science and cultural studies. We can see the name of many outstanding professors of humanities science realm to be connected to this institute in their scientific background. In 1980 with the integration of 12 research institutes, an institute entitled with “institute of research and cultural studies” was formed under the supervision of Ministry of culture and higher education.

In 1990, after the changing of organizational structure, this institute got the title of “Research center” with the approval of higher education expanding council. Its organizational chart was then approved in May 1993 by Personnel affair and Employment Organization. During this period other research centers were added to it and it formed an institution. In 1994, high council of institute proposed the title of “Institute for humanities and cultural studies” for this institute in order to emphasize the trend of humanities science and cultural affairs in all research projects of the institute. This title was also approved by higher education expanding council.

At the moment this institute consist of several research departments as: Persian language and literature department, Political thinking in Islam department, History department, Linguistic department, Social science department, department of Studying different cultures, Comparative studies of economy department, Women’s affair department, Science and Religion department, department of Nurturing wisdom of children, Occidental studies department, Philosophy and Speech department, Imam Ali’s research center, Asian cultural document center, and Surveying Texts Council.

It worth mentioning that IHCS can also accept postgraduate students in some MA and PhD levels.